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SMR 113: Passengers

Rod and Karen review the space romance “Passengers.”


  1. Cassie67Impala

    Hey Rod & Karen! Just want to say to you guys that I look forward to all the spoiled movie reviews. If I haven’t seen the movie before, I try to go out and see if before I listen to the review (a few exceptions, i.e. – Fantastic Beasts and Assassin’s Creed… cause well, ya’ll already know about those movies, you said it best!) Anyway, I wanted to see Passengers since I saw the previews maybe back when Captain America Civil War came out. I liked the whole “Aurora/Sleeping Beauty” concept that writer’s went with. I read a feminist think piece in which the writer equated the synopsis to rape/ a non consensual situation. Usually if something if a film or tv show is problematic because of the actors or story-line, I avoid seeing it (you know…. Birth of A Nation) but I still wanted to see how the writer of the think piece could have that perspective. I agree, the film had that problem and it is not something that can be ignored. However, Aurora beat the shit out of him! And although he betrayed her trust before she even knew him, she forgave him when like you guys said, she realized how desperate he must have been when he was alone. That Magical Negro, though! I definitely wished there was more of Lawrence Fishburne. I wasn’t clear on why he was so sick… was it because he had been in-and-out of cryo so much? Anyways, Sorry this was long… thank you guys!

  2. UnclePreston

    This is one of many good reasons to be a premium member. Excellent review. This was on my maybe list to see. At least now I know what I’m in store for.

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