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BDS 186: Not Tripping Over Grayson Allen

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Grayson Allen suspended, Jeff Fisher fired, Lebron wears a safety pin, Iman Shumpert DUI, Emmanuel Sanders in delivery room, Penn State homophobia, Gilbert Arenas win child support, Michael Floyd on Pas now, Todd Gurley responds to Fantasy Football slander, James Harrison drug tested, Jenkins on Rams’ owner, refs getting illegal help, Larsa Pippen taking pics at Future’s crib, Jerry Jones being messy, Jameis Winston settles suit, Sherman threatens reporter, Joeviair Kennedy, Rip Hamilton, Jamal Anderson, Jamal Anderson pulls out his dick, Manziel wants to befriend Carr, Wakeyleaks, Amhert Cross-Country suspension, UConn lineman, NFL wants a game in China, Jags fire coach, Pink October ending for NFL, Skip Bayless caught hyping himself, No Chill Gil, Browns 0-16 parade, Ezekiel Elliot TD celebration, D Wade, masturbating security guard, Kevin Durant rule, Petra Kvitova, NCAA players skipping bowl games, Joe Mixon apologizes, Nerlens mad, Cody East, NFL concussion settlement, Beckham fined for Sager cleats, McGrady, Hartline hates Pryor, Grant Perry, CBA has exceptions for Harden and Westbrook, CBA also has medical board for Bosh, Kordell Stewart tooted and booted, Matt Barnes news, Josh Gordan is the pappy, TX alcohol sales, Fournette, Baylor, media can help pick all star game, UNC AD on NCAA, George Karl and Demarcus Cousins.


  1. Amani

    Hey Rod & J. Curry (possibly Queen Karen)

    See Rod be knowing!! Don’t you ever in your black ass life disrespect the prognosticator. My niners are sorry as fuck but all we do is beat the Rams. Kap out there winning games and stunting on the haters. I mean we would win the same day the Cleveland Blacks do and ruin our chance at the #1 pick but hey. This is what we do.

    And I gotta feel for Nicju and all the Warriors fans. First Klay and his PBS logo face ass gets dunked on by 97 year old Richard Jefferson, then they bench the MVP on the last possession and let Kyrie dance em like they’re a white girl on his boat. That’s a damn shame. Christmas Day NBA still undefeated.

    And if you’re still friends with an ain’t shit nigga in 2017 do you get them a Gilbert Arenas jersey or Best Buy shirt for Lawrence Hive? Levels of trifling pettiness just overflowing. Alright guys thanks for a great show as always, so good to hear Karen back on it’s been too long. Happy New Year!!

  2. tyediamond

    And new Negro League Champion Those Texas Critter Getters. Ya boy was 6-7 going to the playoffs and had to knock off the 1 and 2 seed to win it all. Lemme get my winnings in ones cause I’m go to Magic City!!! Peace

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