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TNO 74: Trump’s America RPG

Rod, Kriss, Aaron and Karen discuss listener feedback, The Great Wall might not be a hit in China, woman hit by meteorite, Call of Duty still top grossing game, Nintendo on that bullshit again, Super Mario Run, Damian Wayne game, Tilda vs Cho, Saw coming to Star Wars rebels, Rogue One had a different ending, 3D porn coming, Street Fighter V, Naruto, Gal Gadot outraged over UN decision, hackers, Zuckerberg AI butler, Overwatch censored in Russia over lesbian character, Expendables 4, Xbox One deals, Elon Musk, John Williams, Tomb Raider movie, de-aging actors, Watch Dogs 2 racism and Runescape debacle.


  1. Mike Mallory

    What up Nerd Off Crew, good to hear Karen back. I’m listening to this Runescape fail and laughing my ass off because.. Fuck them dudes! I’m the guy who is great at a First Person Shooter, until I play online player vs player and I die within 2 min.

    How’s it feel mf!?! You dead before the fun starts!!! Feels shitty right? I’m dancing! Hope they mad!

  2. Amani

    I thought y’all peaked with that Black Lives Matter game, but this Trump’s America shit? Whoooo buddy! Still trying to find a way to get Willie D to do the soundtrack for Coon Stoppers, streets ain’t ready for this one.

    But I don’t know why you’re burying the lede on that meteorite story. Julius Kempis? That’s not a real name, nigga that’s Vandal Savage. Talking about the meteor gave him good luck, yeah I bet it did you evil motherfucka.

    And Rod’s been on it for a minute, but seeing Rogue One again convinced me Obi Wan really is the trillest Jedi in the series. You watch Vader do THAT and you remember Obi Wan fucked him up so bad he was breathing through a respirator for the rest of his life. Same reason I put Brienne #1 in Game of Thrones, gotta look at the resume. Great show as always, especially when Karen’s on.

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