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BDS 187: The Ref Snitching Hotline

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, pick the final week of the NFL games, some NBA talk, Steve Smith retiring, Popovich, Steve Francis arrested, new CBA want to keep players on their team, Payton might leave the Saints, Oregon players barred from campus, Ice Cube wants to launch has been league, Sarmir Nasri, Phil Jackson breaks off engagement, Richard Sherman calls off press conferences, Marvin Lewis not retiring, Ray McDonald domestic violence footage surfaces, Gloria Govan says she’s not pregnant, Lebron and Simone Biles win athlete of the year, Doug Martin goes to rehab, Tristan Thompson not on baby’s birth certificate, Ariza was ready to fight, Vince Wilfork son was slanging, Randy Moss puts baby mama on blast, Carson Wentz buys linemen shotguns, Darren Rovell, Tomlin claps back, woman gets revenge by going to Cowboys game, a top 5 player doesn’t want to be on Shaqtin’ A Fool, Lillard upgrades his HS and Minnesota football team in rape scandal.


  1. FalconsDiva

    Happy New Year Rod and Justin ‘Pac Man’ Jones!

    Ray Lewis was so right! Bengals miss the playoffs for the first time in awhile and Pac Man is out here committing crimes…

    Rod, thank you for using every opportunity to play that clip from Fences – I haven’t listened to the SMR yet, but I’m ready to see it again.

    On to my Falcons – WOOHOOO!!! I know it was the sAints, but my QB put on a clinic Sunday! I don’t know if you guys were blessed to watch but he was surgical with it during the first half. Admittedly, after that awesome halftime tribute I stopped paying close attention to the game taking selfies and whatnot, so I was shocked to look up and see the sAints coming back. But I never got nervous. No way we were losing that game and the #2 seed. And that halftime show! You may have seen pictures and some video but let me lay it out for you. Picture it, Sunday January 1, 2017…. There had been petitions and protesters wanting the Falcons to rescind the invite for Mike Vick to attend the Legends of the Dome ceremony. The ceremony started with the former coaches – they rode out on the field in a Ford truck. Followed by players of various eras of the Dome. Each truck carried 3 players and they would wave out the window at the fans. It was really nice. But people were still wondering if Vick was in the building. Those of us on twitter knew he was because a picture had been posted earlier. So I’m wondering when was Vick coming out and who would be in the truck with him. When Vick and Roddy White came out in a mustang convertible, the crowd went wild!!! If there were boos, you couldn’t hear them. It was magic! To top it off, when the clock struck 0:00, the sAints crunk song was played over the loud speakers. I’m not sure if you’ve ever been to a game in the SuperDome, but every time the sAints score, they play Halftime (Stand up and Get Crunk) by the Ying Yang twins. The song is so crunk and as an opposing team fan – it’s so hard not to rock to that song. I love that the GA Dome staff was petty enough to play that song. I mean our song choices and game entertainment went wayyy down after the year Bone Crusher took off his shirt off during halftime, but they came back this year. Sunday was one of my BEST experiences in the GA Dome. I’m ready for these playoffs.

    And my Hawks – I just don’t understand this team! This season we beat the Cavs, OKC, the Raptors, the Rockets and the Spurs, but lose to the Timberwolves (twice) and the Knicks… I’m sure we’ll make it to the playoffs because we do every year but I need them to tighten up.

    Another great show as usual!

    • FalconsDiva

      Dang, sorry for such a long comment…

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