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TTM 2: The Right Thing To Do

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Rod and Bassey discuss NBC’s family drama, “This Is Us.”

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  1. bamil73

    When I found myself in the middle of episode 10, at 3 in the morning, eyes burning like I was chopping onions, I may have said “fuck Rod and Bassey for getting me to watch this shit” in between thug tears. My wife had been suggesting the show for a while and I eventually took the plunge when you guys decided to do this recap. I love the recap show by the way.

    I only have one thing to say about the last recap. You guys were questioning Rebecca’s mom’s concern for her well being because she smoked at the table. I don’t think it was a lack of concern because back in 1980, there wasn’t as much info out there about 2nd hand smoke. When Rebecca asked her to put it out, her mom even said “come on, don’t believe everything you read”.

    About the last episode let me ask you a question. Didn’t you feel just a little bit more love for Rebecca and Jack when they dropped the needle on that Stevie Wonder in the beginning?


  2. Mack

    In last week’s show you seemed to mention that the Dr just kept randomly popping up, when he mentioned about a person having triplets. Did you realize he was talking about this family but he wasn’t their doctor yet, or did I just misunderstand your point on that?

  3. Anonymous

    Lmao my wife cried so hard after episode 10

  4. Leilah

    I really have become annoyed cuz I reaaaaallly love this show when I didn’t think I would. I agree with everything you both said but I have to come to Sloans’ defense for a second. She got mad when Kevin said “you have to do the right thing EVEN WHEN YOU DONT WANT TO”, which kinda implies, “I really wanna be with you BUT… When he said that, Sloan’s pussy dried completely up. Even I wanted to slap Kevin cuz he still have Hoelivia a win in some way.

  5. FalconsDiva

    YES Alicia!!! I loved Sterling K. Brown in Army Wives!!! Then when he had a short stint on Person of Interest as Taraji’s love interest, I was like “Hey Roland!” (his name on Army Wives). Now, he’s finally moved from Roland to Randall because of This Is Us

    TBGWT – why must you take my whole life! I found myself watching This Is Us Wednesday morning while I got ready for work, just to ensure I watched it before the podcast. I NEVER watch TV in the morning.

    I initially thought Rebecca’s mom’s solution was an abortion. In my mind, that’s why she was about to smoke and ordered Rebecca some wine because she felt Rebecca wasn’t having those babies in the first place. I was glad to see she wasn’t THAT bad.

    I know you guys love Kevin but he annoys the heck out of me. I screamed when he sat his ass up on the kitchen counter!!! And Beth was giving him the best side eye. He initially redeemed himself with me while talking to Olivia but there was one key statement that I think you guys missed, the one thing that gave Sloane a reason to be pissed with him. Toward the end of him turning down Olivia, Kevin said sometimes you gotta do the right thing – even when you don’t want to. My thoughts went from “awww, Kevin is choosing Sloane” to “damn Kevin, you had to mess it up!!” Sloane’s face changed at that point too. And in typical Kevin clueless fashion – he didn’t even realize that his statement was jacked!

    Which leads me to the This Could be Us – I agree with Bassey, I could totally identify with Sloane listening on that conversation with hope and then hearing the ‘even when you don’t want to’ part.

    Another great recap! I love they way you guys complement one another. Thank you again for giving me a This Is Us outlet.

  6. Alicia

    First: thanks for posting this for all the poor people out here who love “This Is Us”! Second: Rod and Bassey (I think Bassey would LOVE it…) HAVE TO find season 1, episode 8 of Lifetime’s “Army Wives” (I used to love this show…). Sterling K. Brown is the psychiatrist, Army husband who cheated on his wife. This episode is the one where he cheats on her. It’s on the level of Jay Ellis in that episode of Insecure… Mr. Brown have been out here in these acting streets for a while!

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