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1362: TV Tangent

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Rod and Karen are joined by the crew of the Three Fifs Podcast to discuss podcasting, Steve Harvey, black women appreciation, Hawks GM, Eddie Long dead, Jennifer Holiday cancels on Trump, Ringling Bros circus closing, Drake got jacked, we tried to talk about Wesley Snipes, reality TV tangent, white people news, corrections officer busted on Backpage, wife frames husband’s ex, shooting at basketball court and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I used to watch reality shows when they first became popular like The Real World and Road Rules until I realized how scripted most of them were but I have occasionally caught a few like Catfish. My favorite two catfishes are the one where the girl thoughts he was dating bow wow, because the catfish which turned out to be a lesbian woman, had sent her 10 thousand dollars. Now her first clue should have been the money. Bow Wow, doesn’t have 10 thousand to give away like that. My second fav episode was the guy who thought he was in a relationship with Katy Perry for six years even though she was married for some of that time. So when he met the girl who was catfishing him, she was actually pretty. And let me tell you, this guy was a straight up Herb. There was no way he would have gotten a girl like that in real life let alone Katy Perry. And even after meeting the girl, he thought Katy had put her up to it. He still believes he was talking to Katy Perry by the end of the show. Morons like this is the reason Trump got in office.

  2. mayabee

    Man, watching Catfish reminds me of freshman year in undergrad when I used to liveblog that shit EVERY week. I think my favorite episodes are the ones that could easily be transformed into some horror movies like on some SwimFan shit. It was a really recent one (maybe a year or two ago) where this girl was being tormented by someone who created a fake profile of Felisha (the catfishee). The fake profile was basically starting all sorts of shit in Felisha’s life so when they finally met the one controlling the fake profile, the girl is laughing and giggling and acting like shit is cute. For once, Nev was shook! I remember seeing on a gossip site of the Catfish videoing herself and basically acting like what she did was harmless and somewhat justified.

  3. FalconsDiva

    Whenever I download a show on RSSRadio, I’m always intrigued by the show titles. This title was so on point! I’ve only watched 3 full Catfish episodes and y’all talked about 2 of them.

    Thoroughly enjoyed the Three Fifs crew.

    Great show!!!

  4. Byron Taylor

    Love the episode. Awesome to have The Three Fifs crew on the show. I enjoy their podcast weekly.

    That rant on Catfish gave me life. The episode with Rod still is one of my favorites. One episode that still gets me is the one with Elijah and Solana.

    First off, she was fine. Second, I swear I think her boyfriend was down for that cuckold action because he had to know that his girl was gonna go to see Elijah and smash if she found out he was the real deal. Then she gets a matching tattoo with Elijah and went home and married her boyfriend in Delaware.

    Lastly, I need to put an APB out on this nigga Elijah’s brother because that dude never came back from the basement. That nigga’s “brother” answers the door, then tells Nev, Max, and Solana that ole boy is downstairs. It took Elijah so long to show up they had to go to commercial before he came upstairs after his brother went to get him. Nah, them niggas the same dude. We never saw his brother again! And Elijah’s “hair” was so fucked up! I don’t believe you, Catfish. You need more people.

    Keep up the awesome work y’all. Love ya.

  5. Coonfucious (@Blike_Dante)

    The greatest episode of Catfish ever is the Bow Wow episode for the simple fact that someone from my small ass, southwest GA hometown made it on TV. The world knows her as Dee Pimpin’ but she’ll forever be Mattie “Doochie” Brown that lived right up the street growing up to me. That shit had me on the floor screaming and crying laughing and ashamed all at the same damn time.

  6. AJtheEngineer

    This was a great episode and I’m glad you guys had the Three-Fifs crew on the show. I loved the TV tangent yall went on, Cheaters was the shit back in the day! I had to hold back my laughter at work when yall talked about the stabbing episode. If I remember correctly, wasn’t that cheating dude on a boat?! I’m sorry, but I’m not approaching anybody who’s willing to sail to international waters in order to cheat. But like yall said, Joey had that “nothing will happen” swagger and went on aboard and proceeded to get shanked. I’m laughing now while writing this because Joey instantly had that “help me please!” look on his face and the cameraman kept filming. I think the best parts of the show were when they would replay hidden audio of the cheater, those people would be all distraught but I’d be sitting there not suprised at all. It’d also be funny on the hidden audio when you heard the cheater trying to lay that mack down thinking they ain’t being watched.

    I’m still listening to the episode and laughing out loud at Karen making up her own porn genre of “Mandingo”. Karen was like “I said what I said”, but my ass wasn’t about to research that topic to find out.

    Yall have a great weekend, and cheer for those Falcons playa!


  7. BigGbengTheory

    My gawd I just died of laughing at Karen screaming “I know my porn sir”

  8. ProfKori

    Another reason to listen to TBGWT: to expand your vocabulary. “coonerific mannerisms” LOL!

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