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SMR 117: Sleepless

Rod and Karen review Jaime Foxx’s Impossible White Man movie, “Sleepless.”




    Nothing about this movie is coherent, not even the tone of this movie makes sense. I feel like the people who made this movie simply were pressed to release during a time where very little people will care. Probably the most complete character was played by Gabrielle Union, yet, she barely was in it. The villains are forgettable, the cinematography’s inconsistent & the direction has no organization. Just so much bad.

  2. cocoqt81

    This movie was hilariously bad. Like, OMG they didn’t even try to tie shit together or have time lapses make sense. It was just ridiculous. I was dying at how annoyed Rod was. LOL I felt exactly like that. I was sitting in the theater stunned at how bad the movie actually turned out to be. Bless its heart.

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