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SMR 118: Hidden Figures

Rod, Karen and kid’s correspondent Leila discuss “Hidden Figures.”



    Great review. You all pretty much touched on all of the things I liked about this movie, especially the three leads. My minor problem was the scene where Kevin Costner was hitting the colored bathroom sign. I got the purpose of it, but, at the same time, it felt hackneyed. Otherwise, I loved it.

  2. memyselfnlife

    Great review! This was the first time I’ve listened to a SMR with Leila and she was so hilarious! Her humor is so subtle and well timed. And she was on point with the movie quotes!!

    Rod, for my negative I also was mad that it took this long for a story like this to be told, especially since black women never get any shine when it comes to their accomplishments in the math and sciences.

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