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PG 79: The Hotep Off

Rod and Justin discuss a Nat Turner documentary, Rod and Justin have a Hotep competition, YMCA ball, the Obama farewell, Trump document leak, Golden Globes, assigned movie ticket seats, Ghosts In The Hood, Soulja Boy vs Chris Brown, LHHNY and Meek falling down the stairs.


  1. Beezle28

    Mannnn…. Ya’ll niggas had me dead to rights at the Hotep books! I was at work laughing my ass off and people looked at me like I was crazy, I ain’t care though. lol I watched Ghosts in the hood… Im in lol and I’m def waiting on the next season of chamberlain heights hemie lol Andddd mannnn I’m bout to join the bank that Darien posted!! shiiiiittttt!!!!

  2. Darienfoxx

    Hey Justin, I know you’re always throwing shade at the blank bank. But I think I found one that can win you over. Peep the first picture on the landing page. https://www.oneunited.com

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