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1363: Eagle Sandwiches

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Rod and Karen are joined by comedian Janelle James to discuss GOP targeting endangered species list, Chelsea Manning sentence commuted, Monica Crowley steps down, Kevin Hart producing Black History special, Republican men say it’s easier to be a woman, race committee suspended, Michigan mayor racist, GOP sheriff racist, white people news, man arrested in Target, dog attacks family, health bloggers with malnourished kids and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Daryll Hawthorne

    Hey y’all… SPICE GIRLS STAN HERE. haha. I just wanted to say that I saw them on their reunion tour in 2007, and they were fucking great….. EXCEPT for Victoria. They did her a favor by not including her in this G.E.M. group. The only reason she said no is because she was terrible in 2007 lol. She didn’t even sing on the tour. Each of the other 4 girls did a solo song… but Victoria did a non-vocal catwalk *side eye*. She’s NEVER been a singer like the others. She was pretty much there because sex sells. Soooo I would LOVE to see G.E.M. I’m just saying!

  2. 3SnapsandaTwirl

    I get so pissed off that people don’t know that Obamacare and the ACA are the same thing. It’s my job to help people navigate the Healthcare system and figure out what option is best for them. And if I simply made a buck bonus on every time I had explain that they are the same thing, I would have been retired to am Italian villa at the ripe old age of 25. My first month on the job, I was at an outreach health fair in this really rural area of northern Virginia. This old white guy came up to us and started asking questions about what the afford care act was. So we explained that it’s all income based insurance and how some it works. He gets really excited and said that it sounded great and that he and his family could really use something like that. Then he asked, how he had never heard of it before. The woman that I was with laughed and said, “Well you have. It’s Obamacare.” This motherfucker turned red and his face twisted in anger. He immediately started screaming at us about how we were ruining the country and destroying lives. And stormed off. He was big mad about something he was so ignorant on.

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