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1364: Menstrualphobia

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Rod and Karen discuss Rikers island chaining inmates to desk, Kanye not invited to Trump inauguration but Chrisette Michele might go, Anita Baker retiring, Brandy spotted at Scientology event, Martin Shkreli, Chipotle sued, Liberty university building gun range, Turkish guide to marriage, credit reporting agency lawsuit, LGBTQ news, MLK Day racism, Paul Lepage, DL Hughly goes in on Trump, Misha Green on Trump, Tomi Lahren college show and white people news.

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  1. katrinapavela

    I can’t recall how I knew my period was going to ‘happen’ to me, but it was likely from health class because neither my mother or grandmother talked to me about it. In fact, when I went to my grandmother after my period first started, she made me go to the bathroom with her, closed the door and told me, “this means you don’t let boys touch you anymore”. That was all. I was 12. First was it OK for boys to touch me before I got my period because no one told me that either…lol. But, seriously, I felt like I was going to become hunted for something that I had no control over. I had to educate myself out of a lot of fucked up thinking.

    I was happy to hear you guys being period-positive. I completely agree that it is attached to so much shame from very early on in the lives of women. I support that woman who threw a party for the onset of her daughter’s menses. I think how female (and male–hello, single fathers) relatives deal with it depends on the personality of the child they have. But I think most people can agree that taking the shame and paranoia out of it is a good thing for everyone, and pushes us towards a society that does not simultaneously see women as objects of lust and disgust.

    KP (@number1feeling)

  2. Anonymous

    I like the idea of a making your daughter’s first period a special day, but how you do it depends on the personality of the child. I wouldn’t have thrown my daughter a surprise party. She ain’t about that surprise life. lol. This is close to my heart right now because in October my 9-year-old got her period for the first time (beating out her older sister who is 11). I was freaking out on the inside, because I knew all the things involved with having a period might be too much for a 9-year-old. I tried to make it a special day for her. We went to the drug store to her a period “starter kit”–her favorite chocolate candy, box of pads (she didn’t want any with wings, lol), and a stuffed animal that is now known as the period penguin. I tried to give her so many tips as possible but I told her that I would stop talking about it if she wanted me to, and she did. One of the best things is that she has a very supportive and understanding father. He grew up with a mom and three sisters and was married (to me) for 20 years. He has no shame about buying maxi pads, and my daughter is slowly but surely trusting him to buy her stuff.

    Sometimes, so when she feels like an outcast about it, I just point out all the women on the street and in her life who have periods. Great Grandma doesn’t have periods because she’s 87 but Auntie does. Your teacher does. Your dance school classmates have periods.

    I try to be very sex and body positive as a parent since my mom and grandma were not. I apologize for the long post. Rod, I appreciate your open mindedness and horrible puns. Karen, I love your attempts at puns and your laughs. (That’s right, support Rod’s puns.) Thank you.

  3. COQUI

    Um sorry, whwn it comes to periods, listen to the person who has periods. The Cosby show had a special for Rudy’s 1st period, so the concept ia not new. And even if you have been told abour body changes you might not want EVERYONE in the world to know you’re menstruating as a 11 or 12 year old. Rites of passage are good. But this is a bit much.

  4. EvieE

    DL Hughley gets it wrong a lot of the times, he’s no hero for the people but what he said about Steve Harvey was spot on. I’m still not allowing him to come to my cook out, but I might have someone send him a plate home.

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