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TTM 3: The Big Day

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Rod and Bassey discuss NBC’s family drama, “This Is Us.”

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  1. Leilah

    I have to give it to Jack. Yes, he is the husband/man/mcm of the year…but I know he don’t expect to have a baby every 10yrs!!!! U know that lil bastard is gonna grow up too, right? Then what u gone do? Have another??!! (Watches him makes gloves and ‘Vogue’ with his daughter) OK YOU CAN HAVE AS MANY KIDS AS U WANT DADDY! Does daddy wanna sandwich??
    (Can u imagine Jack doing 2017’s vogue? U seen the Get Down lol)

    Now I’m all for the empowerment of brown ppl, but Sanjay Gupta better step back!! You can come up in this HERE weather firm stealing MY job…with that smug ass arrogant trump supporter smile.

    Has Kevin always been shitty? Like, you used ur sister to get in her friends DM’s?? Smh! Kate prolly gained 20 more lbs cuz now she doesn’t have Grace or Sophie. Fuck boi shit lol!! Kate better not cheat with Guy! Yeah he has the bevel beard but Toby loves you GURL!

    Don’t we all have at least one parent that’s William. My momma will worry the shit outta me but I do it or listen to her same story AGAIN with a smile (while cussing in my head) cuz hell, it’s momma.

    So, the Big Three were teens when Jack died since that’s the flashback they showed for 0.35 sec (I bet Miguel did it). Every episode I’m nervous, but now I have a timeline to the TOD of the greatest tv dad ever. I have to constantly prepare myself that it’s gonna happen #Tears

  2. Adrienne Harling

    Oh Rod and Bassey. I don’t have specific things to add to your observations about the show – I just want to say thank you for bringing my attention to the show and for talking with me about it in my earbuds. It is so complicated, beautiful, honest, and thoughtful – as you two are. On a side note, the show is helping me move through emotions I need to feel about my actual life. I usually avoid watching anything in the drama genre for that very reason, and watch comedy and superhero shows only, but right now it is helpful and cathartic to get the tears rolling over this moving and artistic show and these very human characters in it. Thank you!

  3. cocoqt81

    Hey, Basey and Rod! I hope all is well with you guys. Before we get into the show… Basey, I love those Hallmark movies just like you, but it’s not because they’re good quality or anything. They are so fucking shady on the low and I love it! Every one of them has someone stealing someone else’s man, or leaving a person they were supposed to marry for another person. They disguise that shit and try to make it seem so innocent, by not having them kiss or hug or cross any lines. They just spend a lot of time together and then magically realize that they’re actually each other’s soulmate and their current partner ALWAYS realizes they weren’t right for each other too. Suuuuuuch bullshit, and I live for it!!!! LMAO I see you, Hallmark out here normalizing infidelity and ain’t shitness. I see you, and I’ll allow it… Anyway, onto the show… I love Randall so much, I can barely stand it! I’m hoping they get into how him and his wife met. I really want to see how they got together and see if Randall had a hoe phase. He’s fine, and I just need to know what he was like in his 20’s. lol It looks like we’re about to get more of Kate’s backstory, and it seems we’re gonna find out that maybe her weight started getting out of control after her Dad died. Kevin still bores me. I don’t know why I hate him so much. He’s just a good looking, goofy ass white man, but he annoys me so much. I really can’t put my finger on it. I want to like him, but I just don’t. It’s probably because he was such a dick to Randall when they were teenagers, and the way my petty is set up… Idk, but I kinda feel about him the way we all feel about Miguel…Anyway, love the show, and I look forward to next week’s episode. Later!

  4. katrinapavela

    First of all, thank you guys for doing this show! Finally, there’s a recap podcast for a show I actually watch (I still listen to the GoT and TWD ones, though so that I can be less ignorant around my wife when she talks about them). TIU is the perfect show for someone like me who finds the intricacies of human relationships endlessly entertaining.

    This show feels so…pure to me. By that I mean I feel safe that no matter what happens, it will be made OK. I guess this feeling is coming from someone who analyses the work of Shonda Rhimes, a woman who doesn’t protect her audience from fucked up things happening because…well, welcome to life!

    Anyway, I had a thought (only one at a time) while y’all were talking about the fireman (lol at firewife) and then Jack’s use of the lighter. Those two things are connected: fire…man was praying for a miracle in the church. Jack was praying to the lighter’s fire also for a miracle. When the two men meet in the nursery unit, Randall is their little miracle born of fire.

    KP (@number1feeling)

  5. EvieE

    Randal may actually be a magical negro. Look at how many white people’s lives he touched and healed. He helped Jack and Rebecca get over the loss of their baby, he fixed a broken marriage just by being born and he helped a grieving doctor move on with his life after the death of his wife, all before being potty trained. I loved this flashback episode although I would have liked to have seen more of the backstory from William’s perspective.

    My it’s not me its you person of the week was the fireman’s wife. I mean seriously, the guy was trying and she rejected that beautiful black baby. She totally voted for Trump.

    Another great episode.

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