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1365: Eagle Pulled Pork

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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. Angela Davis

    Karen!!! Stop reading my mind, that rant was everythang!!!!

  2. Jackie

    I love this, “Hoteps walk among us. Pay attention” Please can we get T-shirts, buttons and bumper stickers?

  3. Dee

    Love you guys. While I support the March this past weekend, I must agree with Karen about the 50% of Caucasians that voted for Dorito Drumpf!

  4. Amani

    Karen with this motherfucking word on this march. It just always felt in the same vein a lot of white liberals wanting to be seen saying the right thing more than doing it that has people denouncing punching nazis. We knew Trump was all of these things they’re protesting against for the whole campaign. Why weren’t these marches the day before the election instead of the day after the inauguration? I hope it’s a jumping off point, but I’m just tired of half-stepping.

    What about the kids in Wisconsin took me all the way out, but that eagle pulled pork? Maybe when pigs fly.

  5. Just-a-ton

    I think I need an option that is inbetween inspiring and frustrating. Maybe something like fascinating in the levels of fuckery (I know it’s not one word, but something like this can’t really be described with a single limiting word) because all these white people who didn’t get off their asses to vote when they had the chance to.

    But honestly I really want to see where this shit show will take us in the next 6 months even.

  6. ProfKori

    Karen got me cracking up: “Hoteps walk among us. Pay attention.”

  7. Wonga_5

    you can eat kangaroo meat down here & that’s on the countries coat of arms, so I’d try your eagle wings if they’re cooked properly

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