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1366: Criminals At Work

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Rod and Karen discuss A Dog’s Purpose animal abuse claim, T-Pain down under, Uber lawsuit, Steve Harvey apologizes, the drawer under the stove, Amber Rose, LGBTQ news, bipolar excuse for racist lady, Stacey Dash fired, Jesse Jackson loved Trump’s speech, the Women’s March, Richard Spencer punched in the face, man shoots his best friend’s wife, woman and her lover set up her husband and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I have only one thing to say about Stacy Dash getting fired : Bwahahahahahahaha

    Okay, maybe two things: Bwahahahahahaha

  2. Amani

    I’m just confused, I thought Trump wanted to Make America Great Again? They keep telling me the Greatest Generation was the one that fought World War II so I just assumed punching Nazis in the face was our new national sport. When we thought he got punched again the TL lit up like a Star Wars trailer dropped. If I could, I’d do it everyday.

  3. Janica

    Regarding Amber Rose, I was watching her IG Live video and I feel like a lot of people that were commenting were going off of hearsay. Her, Blac Chyna and friends were drinking and taking calls on a “Confession Line” –basically all light-hearted fun. The girl calls in and she’s laughing and says she was molested. Amber immediately says “whoa too deep. That’s not funny.” There were other people in the background not paying attention that were laughing, not Amber. I feel like there’s some things you can check Amber on (I.e her comments in bi men) but this ain’t it l in my opinion.

  4. ChanceEncounter

    These thin skinned racists consider someone telling them to kill themselves to be a death threat.

  5. Woman2Woman

    Karen, I am here for you and I fully understand your frustration. The marches and the support coming through the media are for the surface level issues. You talked about true issues affecting the community. I am here for it girl and understand. As a marcher, you have to show support for the true underlying issues, not just the “we all need to come together” march. Yes, Where were you in the voting booth? Oh and now you worried.

  6. Rwh2016

    Love the podcast Rod & Karen!

    Karen, as usual, your rants continue to cut deep into the white meat and ring true! Some of the 53% white women that voted for Trump are now feeling buyer’s remorse. Check out the Washington post link:


    I have no empathy for these people that are feeling buyer’s remorse. You got what you paid for! I only hope that this woman goes back to her racist, sexist rural town in Pennsylvania and start to implement change to put this con-man out of office in four years!

    Also, What is Jesse Jackson thinking ABOUT???? OMG! Has he forgotten what he went through 50 years ago? Can Jesse please get out of the Steve Harvey cesspool and get into formation with John Lewis & Maxine Waters?

    Damn, I wish John & Maxine would run for president!

    I heard about the Lululemon murder awhile back when it happened. There’s another podcast called “Generation Why” where two guys go into detail about Brittany Norwood’s motivations. Be warned: ‘Generation Why’ is good, but it is not for the squeamish!

    I did find the show the “Criminals At Work” show on BET check the link:


    Thanks for letting us know about this. I have to get caught up on this show!

    Hope you have a good week!

  7. desiree

    Although I ended up, after much contemplation, being very happy that the women’s march happened, and was caught off guard by how moved I was as I looked through photos of marches filled with women worldwide, I still must say this: I hope this day will go down in history as the official start of what i hope will become National Punch A Nazi Day! Thank you for your consideration, that is all.

  8. Just-a-ton

    The US government is going to get its money. The US recently made it so that if you owe taxes ($50,000) you can be denied a passport.

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