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1371: Coa-Listen

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Rod and Karen discuss Tina Campbell, anti-choice advocate against birth control, fathers playing Barbie, Twitter gave user data to FBI, the Matharoo sisters, Jenifer Lewis puts ex on blast, republicans want to undo Michelle Obama’s lunch plan, Steve Harvey sad, Celebration of Women in Hollywood debate, BLM founder has discusses cynicism in BLM, That’s Ya’ll Man, Patton / Thicke update, Linsay Lohan news, FedEx driver stops protest, kids wanted to shoot up school, Mel Gibson back and sword ratchetness.

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  1. BiblioMecha

    I was cheering Karen on while she was talking about the insidious endgame of the anti-choice movement. I’ve been saying similar for a while. You all are right that punishing women is the goal- why else would they be against birth control, sex ed, Planned Parenthood, affordable healthcare, and anything else that could REDUCE the need for abortion? But I think that for some, mainly the politicians that pay lip service to the anti-choice crowd, there’s a goal of creating a permanent underclass. Keep women poor and unable to advance, keep the kids dumb, and you will have a population you can keep working for low wage and yes, imprison them and pay them nothing for slave labor.
    And that Joy Reid clip was everything. That woman sounded like a petulant child and Joy nicely told her “Shut up, adults are talking.”

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