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PG 81: The Iniggaration

Rod and Justin discuss YMCA stories, LHHNY, Rod hasn’t watched Brown Sugar, Ghosts In The Hood, Criminals At Work, Man Seeking Woman, reality show news and we have a Hotep Off.


  1. Chapzilla

    I can’t listen to the Hotep Off while at work…I tried and failed! Coworkers throwing me side-eye shade while I snicker under skull candy headphones (TNO). Damn near spit out my afternoon soda at my desk in front of my manager. Had to pack up for the day and listen to the rest on my drive home from work. Ya’ll niggas are crazy.

  2. Beezle28

    Have to change my ‘We were all rooting for you’ nomination, to Rod! My nigga, you ain’t seen Brown Sugar?! We were rooting for you!!! How could you?!?

  3. ProfKori

    NOOOO!!! You haven’t seen Brown Sugar? That’s literally my favorite movie. Perfect hip hop movie for folk about my age.

  4. ProfKori

    Ah, a man after my own heart! I drive a 1996 Honda Civic! My mom bought it for me when I graduated from college. People (especially my partner and in-laws) try to talk mess, but I’ve never paid a car note, so I’m in no hurry to have that experience. 🙂

  5. Amani

    What’s Rod gonna watch first Brown Sugar or that Ben Simmons documentary he has zero interest in? Shit Karen may finish Insecure before he gets to that.

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