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1372: Anaconda Malt Liquor

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Rod and Karen discuss a terror attack in Canada, Kirk Franklin, snacks crackdown at the movies, naked chicken chalupa, Starbucks is hiring refugees, Azealia Banks vs Rihanna, Kal Penn, Twinkies Ice Cream, Robo Barista, How Bout Dat remix, Obama praises protesters, Dr. Wesley Muhammed, Sage Steele, Emmett Till’s accuser tells the truth, police unions want to overhaul Obama reforms, the myth of “acting white” debunked, white people news, stabbing over juice box, lawnmower joy ride, grandma lets teen drive drunk and sword ratchetness.

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  1. kjdolla

    A. Kirk is savage AF. I’ve been laughing about that for days. He gone introduce him to the disciples Smith and Wesson!
    B. Fuck that woman that lied on Emmitt Till and now admitted it. No sympathy from me. LOCK THAT ASS UP!
    C. I thought the article you read about Black Education and Perceived Whiteness of Education was interesting. I did not know that there was so little research in this subject. Looks like I may have something to write a dissertation about now! TBGWT: helping people get PhDs!
    Also, my experience was like yours Rod. Most of the people at my school and in the hood actually looked out for me and would not let me get into anything that I wasn’t supposed to. So much so that around my Sophomore year, several guys would look out for me so when folks mess with me, they usually handled it. And some of these cats was str8 up gangstas too. I can’t really relate to the people that says people that talk proper “are trying to be white”. Part of that could have been I went to a pretty much all Black high school (talking like 98% Black) so that could have an influence.

    Great show as always.

  2. EvieE

    I hope someone finds that woman who lied on Emmet Till and punch her right in the back of her head. I don’t care if she’s 137 years old. Fuck that old liar as battle ax. And fuck the dude who knew about it years ago and is just saying something now. I hope his dick falls off.

  3. Marty J Boss

    Karen’s Kirk Franklin Remix -Magnificent-Muah – at my desk falling over in the early morning- thanks yet again

  4. Jasmine

    Also, does that mean that if I as a woman, smokes weed, I’ll like dick more? Or is it like the sexual assault narrative these misogynistic assholes pedal that it makes me like pussy because it changes the effects it has based on my genitalia?

  5. Jasmine

    Hi guys, love the show! I just wanna get something off my chest about this unoriginal bitch Azealia Bush. I don’t even care about her politics as much as the gaul this woman possesses to come at Rihanna with that months old analogy about the pilot and Trump. You know how many times these annoying ass white liberals have passed that shit around Facebook since November, and this chicken hoe just gonna repeat it like its brand new philosophy? She think she Salted Caramel Sun Tzu?

  6. silverback

    Hello again Rod & Karen, congrats on another get ya MLK fans out level episode. Once again yall got me saying fuck special snow flake status. The idea that being book smart or into certain hobbies is acting white, is as ludicrous as it is entrenched into our everyday society.

    I’ll always remember a episode of TBGWT when Rod said “I’m sorry you got picked on in school or when you were young by other black people, but that is no reason to become anti black and push these types of anti-black ideals”.

    I’m embarrassed that I ever cosigned or believed in such anti-black sentiments growing up at times.

    It’s wild cause I have friends & in laws, who say “SilverBackSurfer you’ve changed, why did you choose to be in a Black Student Union?,how you see race in everything, your really into your blackness, are you racist? How can you defend BLM?”.

    For those of us with children it’s even more important to destroy the “x behavior = y race theory” I want my child to be able to experience whatever lifestyles he finds himself attracted to, not just the antiquated prescribed black ones ( cause even though my son is mixed we all know his ass is black in America & most of the world).

    I really am thankful for yall sharing your thoughts with all of us. Karen the fact that you are able to work a full time job and still keep putting out podcast with Rod is so amazing and peak Black woman (don’t wanna say girl out of respect) magic.

    Fuck waiting till people’s/or podcast funeral to give em the roses, want yall to have em now.

    Love, peace,and TBGWT

  7. ADTesq83

    I almost fell out when Karen hit the Reason Why I Sing (Choppa Spray Remix). Karen girl you got skills first Feenin (IRS remix) now this. If this podcasting things don’t work out you got a career as a ghostwriter.

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