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BDS 192: Broken Condoms and Heartache

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Superbowl prop bets, Lebron vs Barkley, Baylor rape lawsuit, Dwight got revenge, Usain Bolt loses gold medal, Draya, Matt Barnes being a fuckboy, Sage Steele cooning out, Porzingis, Antonio Brown is selfish, GNC ad rejected, Aldon Smith owes money, Michael Irvin, Mike Vick party, Lady Gaga halftime show, Steve Smith joining NFL Network, Bennett won’t go to White House, Deng, Ohio State football prospect, Okafor, NBA trade rumors, JR Smith, Jimmy Butler warns of snitch, Stack Jack smoked before games, Cardinals penalized in MLB, Fitzgerald returning, Tom Brady, DeShaun Watson, Belichick, Ravens’ stadium, Josh Brown interview, Eziekel Elliot, headers in soccer, former player out on bail after killing ex, Keisha Knight Pulliam, Dale Earnhardt Jr, D Rose accuser appeals, Steve Harvey daughter dating MLB star, Maliah Michel, Draymond, Brady is a Hotep, Stefon Diggs, Magic Johnson, man indicted of Joe McKnight’s murder, Carlton Bragg suspended, Aubrey Huff, Blazers twitter beef, Colorado assistant resigns of domestic violence, Texans want a new QB, Tiger hurt, Derek Fisher robbed, Under Armour bad day, Kansas player vandalism, Mayhem Miller acquitted, Steve Kerr and Popovich finally gets the Justin seal of approval.


  1. FalconsDiva

    Greetings Rod and J. Shanahan!

    Heavy Sigh….

    I’m back from my Houston hangover. Amani said what needs to be said about the end of that game.

    I guess years of being a Falcons fan have me numb to the let downs. Vick broke his leg in preseason early in my season ticket career with the Falcons. That was the year my crew said “Eff it, we already bought the tickets so we might as well enjoy ourselves.” So no matter what happens we’re sure to party before the game that way if we have a let down, we can at least say we had fun. I can’t emphatically say that other Falcons fans adopted that mantra, but if you’ve ever seen our tailgate scene, you know a party is going down before the game. Add to that, we have no problem traveling to an away game and partying with no tickets to the game. So that’s what we had in Houston. A big ass ATL party. And we partied hard until the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl. On the flight home a guy that went in the game was talking about how rough it was. I said “but those first 3 quarters were fun, right?” He brightened up and said that was the best time he’s ever had as a Falcons fan. See? That’s how I make it year after year as a fan of the Falcons, I focus on the positive. Especially in recent years – we have enough horrible shit going on in the world for me to be depressed about a multi-millionaire coach forgetting we have a run game, a millionaire RB missing a major block, or a multi-millionaire QB not throwing the ball away instead of taking a crucial sack.

    And this is the first time after a let down end to the season that I’m encouraged about the future of my team. Well, I am a little concerned about the coaching changes. I knew Kyle Shenanigans was leaving but I never expected Sarkisian! I don’t follow college football enough to know if he is a good or bad coach. All I know is that he has problems with alcohol – thanks to BDS… And then to wake up this morning to find that we will be getting a new DC and D Line coach? I’m torn because our defense has improved and while they gave up a ton of points in the second half, admittedly, they were on the field too damn long because Shenanigans forgot we had a run game…

    I can’t even comment on anything else sports related because last week all I listened to was Falcons coverage outside of BDS and this week I’m on a sports media hiatus. That’s part of my self-care regiment after a Falcons major let down.

    But those first 3 quarters!!!!!

  2. Mack

    Man, both the national championship for NCAA and the Super Bowl felt like proxy fights that I continued to lose.

    The Super Bowl was the obvious one (plus as an Atlanta and Cam fan, this is 2 back to back mega Ls).

    The other was the Dabo vs BLM/Col Kap liberation bowl (remember that in this case, Saban didn’t jump in with the conservative talking point) that was another L.

    I need a proxy win!

  3. Chapzilla

    Waddup Rod and Justin,
    Reminiscing about mom’s being cheap on the childhood tennis shoes, not caring about knockoffs at Payless and offering up a new pair of church shoes to flex at school had me rolling!! I’m still laughing typing this. No sympathy for them school bus rides or gym embarrassment when everybody had to get their jokes off. Build character? I know plenty characters broken by the dozens. I hooped in Nike Cortez, Etonics, Reebok classics…all sorts of unacceptable basketball kicks in my hood, got the emotional scars to prove it. Keep up the good work and sharing them YMCA stories. How can you not laugh at another grown man saying “got your nose”? Lol. Hitting 3s and rappin’ Migos is waaay worse.

    • Chapzilla

      my bad, this is for pg 82: brown sugar

  4. Amani

    Hey Rod and J. Lanta

    What kind of jedi mind trick does Belichick have to stop people from running the ball against the Pats?! They had one job and blew it just like Seattle. Bo tried to warn all of us, but Falcons gonna Falcon. All they had to do was run the ball 3 times and kick the field goal. What idiot even calls a pass there at all, oh wait that’s my Niners new coach Nepotism Shanahan. Now we have to deal with Brady’s hotep Make America Great Ass and the Trumpettes. At least Julio Jones gets to go back home with Black Bolt and the rest of the Inhumans.

    But I’m just glad the commercials tried to bring a little heat this year. Even had hair commercials coming at Trump’s neck. Maybe this will get companies to stop worry about being so safe and bring back the funny.

    And I’ve never appreciated White News more than when you have Justin on a regular show. Go from Pre-game and Balls Deep on Friday to that on Sunday? Damn it’s really a stress free life. Give me the Broken Condoms and Heartache and the Balls of the Year any day of the week!

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