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PG 82: Brown Sugar

Rod and Justin discuss YMCA basketball, knock off basketball shoes, Black History Month at Justin’s job, Brown Sugar recap, Love and Hip Hop, Legends of Tomorrow, reality TV news, basketball in the hood and a Hotep Off.


  1. cocoqt81

    Sanaa stays being in movies that require her to wait on a nigga to act right by her. It was the same thing in Love and Basketball. People hail that as one of the great black love stories, but in real life Quincy wasn’t shit! He didn’t want her back til he broke his raggedy ass leg and didn’t have a NBA career anymore. He was trash. I’m gonna need Sanaa to stop encouraging us to wait on ain’t shit men to start acting right.

  2. Anonymous

    Listen. I’m not listening to the hotep off at work, EVER AGAIN. It’s 12:44 PM in Charlotte right now, and “first of all, Uteri, is the plural of Uterus.” Has made me unable to finish the day. “You niggas are crazy!”

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