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1381: Alabaster Glory

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Rod and Karen are joined by comedian Chris Lamberth to discuss getting parts, Anthony Anderson mama taught him oral sex, Prince’s music streaming everywhere now, 50 Shades Darker, Scarface remake, Nick Cannon, George Lopez heckler speaks out, Donnie McClurkin says to pray and not protest, white people news, mom dresses as dad at school function, man beats up kids, old man shoots wife in the butt and sword ratchetness.

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  1. FalconsDiva

    I enjoyed the discussion with Chris re: George Lopez. It was nice to get a comedian’s perspective. I saw George Lopez on the Brown tour (forgot the official name) with DL, Cedric, Charlie Murphy and Eddie Griffin, and George was my favorite. When I heard the clip of his outburst, I immediately thought someone must have pissed in his cornflakes this morning. While I don’t agree with the heckler’s response, I did initially think that her standing up was more of her ‘joking’ than protesting because I’ve seen him deal with hecklers in a different way. Like she wanted to be in on the joke and he took it all the way left.

    With that said – I won’t be giving him anymore of my money or time (I actually watched his show on TV Land) because even if it was just a bad night, like Karen articulated, I felt a different kind of way about how he reacted to that woman.

  2. andbigdaddy2

    I thought the cover art for this episode was the little dancing white girl from the Missy Elliot videos all grown up but still dressing the same.

  3. Michelle

    Rod! As a Trinidadian, your story about your suitemates made me laugh. For me the most common misconception is that Trinidad and Tobago is the same as Jamaica. The accents are not the same.

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