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1382: And That’s Why We Don’t Watch The Grammy’s

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Rod and Karen discuss Drake accused of racism, McDonald’s crab meat sandwich, Dipset beef, Netflix cheating, Hitler valentine’s day cards, Nick Cannon quits, Jill Stein, France now having issues with Russia hacking election, KKK wizard found dead, racist radio host, Dear White People, Yale drops Calhoun, Chris Cuomo, Maxwell, Army changes hair regulations, The Grammy’s snub Beyoncé, That’s Ya’ll Man, White People News, teacher sexes student, woman stabs her man for rejecting threesome and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I was kinda upset to hear that KKK grand wizard was only shot. It doesn’t sound like it was a painful enough death. Fuck that guy. I’m happy he’s gone and if that makes me a bad person for saying it, oh well, I’ll just own it.

  2. Paula Howley

    One more comment – the last person to use a major award show to decline an award and bring awareness to something that needed awareness was Marlon Brando in 197fucking3 when he refused his best actor Oscar to protest the treatment of American Indians. (unfortunately not much has changed, has it?)
    It would have been insanely amazing to see Adele one of the world’s biggest recording stars refuse her award. I mean, what would she be missing in her life to have done that and what could have been the gain? Don’t these people have any vision for crying out loud? They’re supposed to aren’t they? Being artists and all? Imagine the conversations it could have started. Imagine if she had just called it like it is and said that Beyoncé created a work that will be talked about in 100 years because of it’s importance. Adele’s own grandkids won’t remember 25.

  3. reallydarkknight

    I gotta chime in here. When you had the lead up to that radio host talking about Waka, I thought I was prepared to hear it. I WAS NOT READY! I was in the gym and almost dropped some weight on myself. He was big mad!

  4. Kristina Myers

    Hey Rod and Queen Karen, I had to come spill some pumpkin spice latte (shout out to Karen) on how your Yale story relates to white people news from a while ago. Y’all had read a story about some folks from a Bravo reality show called Southern Charm. It had something to do with Thomas, Jennifer and Kathryn and a baby and something or another and whatsawhoosits. Anyway, Kathryn from that show is a distant relative from John Calhoun whose name just got scratched off that Yale building. In a way it’s partly why I had a hard time trying to watch that show and eventually couldn’t. There’s too many “lavish” events happening on plantations where it’s no big deal to them. There was little to nothing said in condolences for those that were murdered in church a few years ago. Mind you, this was in their own backyard. As a matter fact, one of the cast members was complaining about being locked in a bowling alley when the shooting happened rather than being remotely concerned about the victims. Then hearing about the Calhoun family and seeing Kathryn’s tweets glorifying Trump made me go, ‘Bravo is canceled.’

  5. fyahworks

    The dear white people segment got me so upset! All of a sudden white folks are so butt hurt over shit! Like come on! Don’t play victim! It’s ok for your shit to fly towards other cultures and nationalities, but let the shoe be on the foot and its white outrage! 100 100 100

  6. fyahworks

    I always choked on my red bull when you said the kkk fella died then started playing celebration!

    Followed by your comments about white folks! You Rod or the “Sire of sarcasm” and I love it!!! Great show as always brother!!

    • fyahworks

      Almost** choked on my redbull


      Fuck that dude talking about waka

  7. Amani

    Now I agree with you on a lot but I’m surprised how intolerant you’re being on this Maxwell thing. Yes, all colors matter.

    Look at Master Splinter, he was a Brown man and he adopted four green babies who weren’t his own and raised them by himself. Or how about Piccolo, a green man was the best Black, single father in the universe taking care of other people’s kids. And do we talk about Apocalypse? The FIRST mutant? No, this proud Egyptian King is ignored because of people like you refusing to acknowledge Blue History Month. Enough is enough! And that’s not even mentioning Karen using the FN word on air. Shameful.

  8. SymSymma

    Celebration for the dead KKK leader? Those Maxwell puns? Thank you both so much for keeping me laughing and commiserating over the craziness in this world. I’ve had the flu and so needed the laughs. I laughed like Karen and started coughing but it was worth it 🙂

  9. D Ramsey PhDone

    Rod you and Karen kept it 100 about these Awards shows, with the exceptions of the NAACP and BET and Soul Train Awards. #INeedtBrownPeopletoSucceed

  10. Paula Howley

    I first found TBGWT just over a year ago when Beyoncé dropped Formation so I have done a lot of laughing as well as learning in that time. But Rod and Karen, when you talked about the KKK leader who was found dead and started playing “Celebration”, I damn near lost it. I laughed until my stomach hurt. That was awesome. Keep this up and my abs are gonna be ripped.

  11. btouch

    Holy Moley, this white man on the radio got his racism on _fleek_ talkin’ ’bout Waka Flocka Flame!


    And he got four-year-old babies listening to his program?! What in the Boss Hogg–Rhett Butler–Scarlet O’Hara hell is going on here?

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