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SMR 120: John Wick Chapter 2

Rod and Karen discuss the latest chapter in the John Wick saga and we respond to listener feedback on Fences.



    After seeing John Wick 2, I had to realize that, this is a big world of assassins of all classes. Part of it was, I had some issues with the story, but to the movie’s credit, I think it was planned that way & having seen it on two occasions, it made sense. Other than that, I can’t believe Keanu is doing this at 52. I had to study the action scenes hard to see if he put in the work towards these & man, did he ever beating up on these fools, especially Common’s stiff acting ass. Keanu & Common’s scenes were my favorities. Even the way John had to take out certain assassins were innovative (that pencil scene, man. My god). Have a fun time with this movie.

  2. Darienfoxx

    Q. What goes through the head of a henchman, in the time that John Wick disarms him, puts him in an arm-bar, and shoots two other dudes before finally shooting him?

    A. Eventually…a bullet.

  3. Amani

    I was just waiting for Solange to come on the soundtrack. This whole movie was everybody fighting for a seat at the table. And I’m glad y’all mentioned Common’s terrible Italian accent. Nigga, Keanu pronounced it right five seconds before Common had to speak and he STILL couldn’t get it.

    Karen mentioned the fight choreography, the Russo brothers brought the John Wick directors to help with the fight scenes on Captain America Civil War so Marvel already knows how dope it is. Now I just need T’Challa to fuck somebody up with a pencil. Fun review guys, always appreciate it.

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