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1383: The Honorable Professor Osiris Muhammed

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Rod and Karen discuss Rod’s random thoughts, Prison Bae is at NYFW, humor is the secret to relationships, BK sex toy meal, Idris Elba Valentine’s, pilot gives strange speech, LGBTQ news, Black Celebs first experience with racism, That’s Ya’ll Man, White People news, Texas teens plot to poison assistant principal, teen sextorts teacher for 28k and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Amani

    Y’all called it!! Somebody better run you these coins because TBGWT stays knowing. That’s the REVEREND Nick Cannon now. After this next semester at Howards he’s probably gonna demand you put the Doctor in front of that too.

    And I do genuinely want to thank you for that conversation from fucking with black people. Just to have the space to go through all of that is so dope and the point about the generational advantage of whiteness is real. I remember the moment it hit me growing up, I had been in all Black schools and neighborhoods my whole life until we moved in high school. The new spot was still mostly Black, but all the upper level and advanced class I was in were maybe 90/10 white and from experience obviously not strictly on merit. But when we had career day I was regurgitating the same shit I had been saying since five. I could see myself as a doctor or lawyer. Then the white girl after me said she was going to be a marine biologist and had asked her mom about setting up internships and shit.

    Both my parents worked (teacher and machinist) and I was better off than a lot kids I knew growing up, but I had never even imagined that level of specificity when it came to a career before then. And she was already setting up the groundwork to get in position for jobs I had heard of in passing but never conceptualized. It kept going and where I had spent my summers working 2 or 3 jobs in the mall, they had been working in their dad’s dentist office or mom’s marketing company. Academically I was probably top 5 in the class so I knew I could keep up, but it hit me I was already behind in getting that next step towards a career and a future.

  2. Mr_Nite

    I really want to know how the vote for her to stay out of uniform went. I’m voting, “Don’t get in uniform and please let me of the plane!”

  3. politicking

    As usual, I loved everything about this episode. The discussion that stemmed out of the ‘When I realized I was Black’ videos on ‘Fucking with Black people’, is something we all identify with. I had mostly Black teachers until high school and had the worst handwriting known to man; cursive was the worst. Those teachers took the time to dissect my writing and see my intelligence and continued to give me advanced work. They ended up double promoting me. This would have not happened in another environment.

    When my younger sister went to school, she had mostly white teachers and we as a family were heavily involved in her education. We even had to switch her schools because the teachers wanted to railroad her and place her on the track with ‘bad children’ because she stood up for herself. Throughout her time in school we had to remain active and visit the school to let them know that we had our eyes on them.

  4. bigWon

    Great shows all week. This episode was so good I felt like I was at church wanting to yell out preach! Please don’t ever stop speaking up for black folks and other marginalized and our humanity. Rod and Karen y’all are invited to the Liberian bbq!

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