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BDS 194: Reggie Bush Is The Pappy

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Brady, Charles Oakley, Durant vs Westbrook, Goodell didn’t like clown shirt, Durant hired extra security for OKC game, D Rose mystery, Michigan State sexual assault investigation, Draymond talking noise, JR Smith, Aldridge mad he’s not an All-Star, Embiid dancing, Josh Gordon working out, Whiteside is a man of his word, Wiggins goes off in a loss to the Cavs, Hard Knocks, Shanahan had Super Bowl tickets in his bag, Tony Gonzalez is a coon, Meachem arrested for alimony and child support, Raptors’ trade, Magic wants Kobe in front office, Aldon Smith domestic violence, TX governor mocks NFL, Reggie Bush is the pappy, Michael Floyd, Fab Melo dead, Jose Fernandez family sued, Sandusky son arrested, Joseph Randle, Bazemore a sell out, Under Armour drama, Phil Jackson, OBJ got robbed, Spurs, Wade, Love hurt and Pop goes in on Trump again.


  1. cocoqt81

    Wassup, Rod and J Irving! Hope you guys had a good week. I don’t have much to say, I’m just anxious to see how Rod reacts as two of his agendas collide. Are you rooting for AD and Boogie to fail, Rod??? Anyway, try not to fall off the edge of the earth. Later!

  2. Darienfoxx

    Hey Rod and J. Kings,

    Move over Tyron Lue. Magic Johnson is the real Littlefinger of the NBA. I got the receipts.

    So 3 Years ago, Don Sterling gets caught yelling at his sidechick about bring black guys to his games. But not just any black guys, Magic Johnson. This results in a $2 Billion sale of the team (I know, poor Donald!!). And all of this happens because Magic got invited to a game.

    Then, now that Magic got the President job for the Lakers, SBNation runs this story: “(Magic) Johnson called to check in on (Jeanie) Buss after her breakup with New York Knicks president coach Phil Jackson…The two ate dinner together, and Buss later invited Johnson to attend a Lakers game as her guest.”

    See what happens. If you give the devil an inch he’ll take a mile. And if you let Magic talk to your girl, he’ll come to your games and steal your team.

    NBA Teams, stop bringing this black guy to your games.

    P.S. Niggggggga! Can we just pause for a moment of silence after Serena’s killed that Sports Illustrated shoot? Serena is just out here giving us side boob for free. Tell me she don’t love us! GodDAMN! And when I found out she was putting out videos too…y’all I had to take an extra day off of work.

    Love the show. Y’all do it better than anybody.

  3. Amani

    Hey Rod and Jayrie Irving

    This nigga Kyrie gotta be trolling right? I mean we know he likes flat asses, but the earth?

    And look at Boogie and AD coming together to try and prove Rod wrong! Even got Matt Barnes out of a job in Sacramento catching a stray. Kings fucking up got my Knicks out of the news for being an embarrassment so I’m all in on my Boogie being rehabilitated on a new franchise agenda.

    And it’s too late for this season Awards, but Sage Steele gotta be the front runner for 2017 Coon of the year. Of course you’re not hearing shit from white people, you’re doing their work for them. They just laugh at you behind your back and let you keep talking down to Black people.

    Alright fellas appreciate the show as always, hope y’all making that Black Historeeeeee Month peace at the Y like Russ and Durant.

  4. Deon

    I’m loving the show, I’m mad that I waiting so long to become a Premium member. Although I do regret you guys making go back and get up to date with Love & Hip Hop from the pre-game discussions. The Snoop accent made me miss home and want to get catch up with the show at the same time.

    The Under Armour drama is not surprising, I worked in the HQ for years and those were some of the most tone def people I’ve ever been around. What the CEO is doing in Baltimore with buying up so property and other shady shit is ridiculous.

    Keep up the good work, the work ya’ll do is my “safe space” at work.


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