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1384: The Long Hair Don’t Care Gang

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Rod and Karen and Jeremy from the Crown And Collards Podcast recap the Walking Dead.

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  1. ClassicRandBLover

    As someone who doesn’t like Zombie stuff (always found it gross and silly in the senses that I’ve always been like you can essentially walk at your normal pace and escape zombies, but I guess that becomes more realistic in your non-zombie apocalypse type film) and only tuned in because Jeffrey Dewan Morgan was cast as Neegan, I find myself really enjoying your podcast. I like the humorous take you guys have when reviewing and Karen’s laugh makes even some of the grossest stuff palatable. I have heard about Richone from social media and find myself really liking their interactions in these last two episodes. As someone who wasn’t around for the coming together and the racially based hostility Michonne was subjected to, watching the friendship and complete level of trust these two characters have for one a other is refreshing. I like the pairing and hope they both survive the zombies no remain together. I don’t know yet if I’m committed to sticking with the show following JDM’s inevitable demise, because, zombie are just plain disgusting, but I do think I’ll stick with the podcast as long as you guys are covering the show.

    So Daryll is going back even knowing that he is a liability to Rick and crew because Neegan and the Saviors are gunning for him. Is he stupid, arrogant, a jerk, or a stupid, arrogant jerk? What the hell is wrong with Rosita, she needs to go because I wouldn’t trust her to have my back.

    Looking forward to your thoughts on this episode.

  2. D Ramsey PhDone

    “The Van Jones of The Walking Dead=Morgan Jones!” Yasss! I agree with you, Karen, and Jeremy about the haters and know it all’s of TWD. Sure the show does not always do things just like the book (Carol is already dead and Andrea is still alive), yet I still watch the show. Keep up the reviews of TWD! #RositadoingtooMuchthisEpisode

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