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1385: Learning While Black

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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. sugahbabe

    Jamaicans are the Americans of the Caribbean.
    Obnoxious. Fun. Loud. Annoying. Not knowing much or caring about anyone else.
    I totally get other Caribbean people’s annoyance at always being I.D.’ed as Jamaicans.
    They’re tired of the bumboclaat disrespeck!

    A Jamaican who never gets asked if they’re from another Caribbean country!

  2. Marcus

    Rod: “FDR still got schools named after him…”

    Me: ” Wait a minute. I went to a school named after dude.”

    So true: to be black in America there’s so much day-to-day racism that you must numb yourself to. Feels like you lose a part of yourself just trying to get by. I work in education, and see exactly what you mean in the way students of color are treated. I do my best to avoid contributing to the mistreatment and advocate for our students whenever possible, but it’s depressing to see just how intentionally messed up the system is, and how some teachers approach dealing with our students in particular. (Yes, I’m in my feelings because I’m currently dealing with one white teacher coworker who is profiling all of our students as criminals and I have to constantly fight her on it without losing my s—.)

    But for real, thank you both for the show, for cultivating the audience that you have, and for providing a needed outlet for people like myself who struggle to find a reason to keep giving a damn in this crazy world. Love to you both forever for that.

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