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BDS 195: Magic To Aid The Lakers

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Kyrie thinks the earth is flat, Cousins was traded, Ben Simmons, Draymond on slave masters, announcer suing ESPN, Warriors getting tried for light skin, Mike Wallace beat up for nothing, Tom Brady movie, Meachem released, John Lynch, Vince Young wanna return, Big Baby disses Doc Rivers, Romo, NC State coach fired, UNCC QB accused of rape, Revis fight, TO, Trent Richardson arrested, Stanley Wilson, Jimmer, Future hollering at Larsa, Chris Long, Tristan Thompson, Lonzo Ball, Simeon Rice, Joey Porter arrested, Ed Hartwell and Bobby Huggins.


  1. Beezle28

    What up Rod and J Durant?

    Just dropping a quick line to ask the light bright corespondent himself what’s the mood like in the locker room for the translucent trio (Steph Klay and livingstons temp fade) since KKnee got that injury? I know LeBron somewhere like ‘Mmmhmmm, y’all niggas was celebrating just a biiitttt too early!’ Lol and then they fuck around and pick up Matt ’30 Hours’ Barnes like that’s a good move? He’s gon be the lightskin straw that breaks Steve Kerrs camel back lol this all coulda been prevented if they made donkey wear a facemask to keep all the spit from his mouth breathing off the floor, but what do I know? Right? Their season just went as flat as the earth! S/o to Kyrie. Not really tho, that niggga stupid AF lol but Duke still catchin that W on Saturday night against them bum ass tarholes and hopefully Tatum stays healthy to end his one and done season and get paid! Oh and if any BDS listeners gon be in BK for the ACC tournament, holla at ya boy!

    Aight fellas, keep up the good work and stay petty my friends.

  2. Selester63

    Hey Rod and J-Ball,

    Do y’all think the addition of Deron Williams and Andrew Bogut to the Cavs will help them compete against the GSW in the finals? I think a younger Deron would have helped them, but now I guess it can’t hurt but there’s no guarantee. Antonio “Facebook Live” Brown got a five-year, $72.7 million contract extension with the Steelers . The NY Jets cut ties with Darrelle “Mr throw them hands” Revis after paying him $39 million back in 2015. Bottom-line Revis has stayed getting paid most of his career. The Vikings let Adrian “quick to spank a child’s ass” Peterson go, it’ll be interesting to see where he ends up. Keep up the good work homeboys. Peace.

  3. Amani

    Hey Rod and J. Minaj

    Goddamit Jameis! Off-season just starting and already you out here saying stupid shit in front of the kids? C’mon man, women are just supposed to silent and just sit down and be quiet while men are strong? Are we sure he didn’t go to Baylor? It’s safer to make fun of hoteps saying shit like this, but gotta call it out from super religious types too. You know he had his best pastor voice on too, but if he was in a suit saying it in church I don’t even know if as many folks would be mad.

    And speaking of niggas who need to not talk in public anymore, Charles Barkley out here saying you can’t compare anything to slavery? Is this the same Charles Barkley that posed as a runaway slave on the cover of Sports Illustrated (March 11, 2002)? If you don’t shut your big, dumb ass up! Did he make those Draymond comments when he was on the plane next to Oregano Aluminum?

    Justin talking about how good a player Dat Zingis is, you see my NBA Skills Champion Porzingawd shooting on instagram? May not be my type, but I’m probably not hers either so play on playa.

    P.S. New Orleans is still winless since they got Boogie and he got a tech 30 seconds into his last game and is suspended for the next one. Rod’s agenda is winning!

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