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TNO 78: Chris Evans Welcome To The Cook Out

Rod, Kriss and Aaron discuss listener feedback, DC messing up, Power Rangers TV show, WB early home release for films, Black Widow solo film, Laurence Fishburne, X-23 film, Hugh Jackman would love to be in the MCU, Nintendo Switch, Nightwing movie, Maleficent 2, Thor criticisms, Donald Glover cast as Simba, Keanu in for Matrix 4, Sam and Twitch, Syfy cosplay competition, Arrow gun control episode, Google self driving car, Chris Evans is woke, Emma Watson on Stockholm Syndrome in Beauty and the Beast, Robot rights, Elon Musk tunnel, Van Helsing reboot and women pf color in Star Wars.


  1. sirius_moonlite

    Hi Rod, Kriss and Aaron,
    First, thank you all for this show and all of your other podcasts that focus on “nerd” content from a Black POV. Y’all help save my mental health, especially now in the age of Valencia Orange Voldermort.

    What are your thoughts on the recent casting of Zazie Beetz (aka Van from Atlanta) as Domino in Deadpool 2? Initially there were rumors that Keri Washington or Janelle Monae were being eyed for the role which got me excited that they had steered away from generic white girl #6 casting. I know if they do the make up like in the comics there will be a ton of thought pieces on why white face is just as bad as blackface. I’ve already had this convo with a white co-worker who tried to say “White Chicks” was on par with centuries of Black face. It took an amazing amount of self control not to mollywhop her ass into another dimension. Personally I’m very excited because I’m a fan of Zazie’s and can’t wait bathe in the sea of white nerd tears sure to come.

    PS- Here is a link to the announcement on io9:

  2. brandonisbmore

    Whats up Rod, Kriss and Aaron,

    After all the bullshit with Nintendo Switch it finally came out, I played Zelda and its like they are trying to trick me. That game is soo good, its beautiful the gameplay is great, the world is truly open and it almost makes you want to spend $300 for one game. But then you soon realize how ridiculous that would be and take a step back. But they actually did nail Zelda and it seems to be getting rave reviews everywhere. Also Aaron i got that Horizon Zero Dawn and nigga that shit is lit. It might be the best exclusive game from either console yet. Basically you pick up in time where humans are back to a primitive civilization, but there are these super advanced robot dinosaurs and creatures roaming the earth with them and there is something mysterious going on to what happened to the people, how did we get reset in technology and who is in control of the robots. Its really good and if playstation keeps making games like this it will be a problem.

    Also can people just calm the fuck down with Logan. I had so many ppl on twitter come in my mentions talking about how great it is, which is fine but refusing to acknowledge the clear continuity issues with all the films including Logan. Also people need to realize R rated is not the way to go and why people like Logan for those that love it. This dude on twitter and all his buddies were in my feed talking about the MCU is only good because it makes kid friendly movies unlike fox who makes good sophisticated film….nigga please!!! Then I had to exit the conversation when he said that Apocalypse was good and on par with MCU films. I know Kriss had to deal with some of this bullshit but its just crazy to see ppl Stan for the X-men films.

    Anyway love the show this and Kriss character corner are my favorite podcast and keep up the great work


  3. Amani

    Steve Rodgers ain’t my Cap, but Chris Evans is!! Are we sure Anthony Mackie isn’t the one from Hydra? Between him going off twitter, and Brie Larson shading the fuck out of Casey Affleck it’s no wonder Hugh Jackman wants to come back and work in the MCU.

    Y’all called it from last year man, critics can’t get those takes out about Logan transcending comic books movies fast enough. They’re calling that $85 million opening massive when it’s not even as much as Thor 2, and people still shit on that movie for some reason. Hell TASM 2 broke $90 million and Sony felt like it was such a disappointment they cancelled the whole franchise. All I’m asking for is consistency, but these critics will just take shots at whatever is on top because they hate the genre. I remember when Avengers came out and they were praising Marvel for being lighter and fun than Nolan’s Dark Knight, now they’re sucking Logan’s dick for being dark, “adult” and bloody. Just make up your mind or send critics who actually like these movies.

    P.S. I’m glad my man Chris from Get Out’s next movie is Black Panther. Nobody deserves a trip to Wakanda more than him. They’re already dressing up like Coming to America just hanging out. This movie is about to be so Black.

  4. J-Full

    Pro Tip: Make sure you’re not in the Playstation store while Aaron is talking about what he’s been playing.

    One thing i love about TNO is that it made me realize that i hate comic book movies. I used to always go see them and i’d always be miserable, probably because I never read comics or watched cartoons as a kid. But after listen to TNO it dawned on me one day “i don’t care about this as much as them niggas, and that’s totally okay”. So now i don’t waste my money on the movies and just listen to yall talk about them so I can stay abreast of the happenings. I feel so free now. No more FOMO.

  5. Mack

    Funny thing about that Obscured Objects show….do you think that they will show an honest portrayal of how they interacted with the Hidden Figures?

    • Amani

      Please, you know she’s gonna play Kirsten Dunst’s character and make her the hero.

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