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1393: Give Money To HBCU’s

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Rod and Karen discuss HBCU meeting at the white house, Pornhub app virus, NC church is cult-like, AZ seizing assets of protesters, jewelry sexual harassment case, LGBTQ news, That’s Ya’ll Man, White People News, man impales turtle during burglary, penis shooting, marathon cheater and sword ratchetness.

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  1. freezer88

    Damn, this episode went through it all: From Rod getting real on HBCUs to discussing Star Vs. The Forces of Evil. Where else do you get that kind of range of topic and emotion?

    To throw in an emotional hard turn of my own: There’s basically two reasons there are no adult apps on the Google Play Store.

    1) It’s not worth it for Google to set up an adult store. Between setting up an adequate age verification system and vetting out the scumware vendors, it’s just not worth the hassle. Especially when, unlike Apple, you can get Android apps from third parties.

    2) The adult apps that do exist are mostly complete crap. You can find adult apps if you look hard enough. And they’re ALL either malware in disguise, low resolution bullshit, chock full of stolen content or way overpriced.

    Yeah, I’ve dabbled in adult apps – even found an adult app store. They are ALL not worth it. Even the free apps feel like rip-offs.

    Anyway, that’s my two cents on the subject. (Shout Out To The Chatroom!)

  2. Andre P

    I almost lost it on this one, Rod. Your emotional message at the beginning was so powerful that I had tears welling up in my eyes sitting at my desk at work, to the point where I had to get up and walk it off. As others have mentioned, this episode just illustrates how much you (and Karen) genuinely love and care for our people and our plight. You guys have been a huge source of strength for me during this whole trump presidency debacle and I appreciate being able to just listen to your thoughts and not have to even think about tuning in to normal media outlets that don’t critique and criticize this dumb fuck the way he needs to be. Thank you guys for everything you do.

  3. FalconsDiva

    Thank you for expressing exactly how you felt about that HBCU picture. The first thing I noticed was KC but then I looked at the leaders of these prestigious institutions and I was filled with a mixture of anger and sadness. A few tried to smile but you could tell they weren’t feeling it. Then when I found out how they weren’t able to speak as originally planned, I was furious!

    I am a proud graduate of North Carolina A&T State University. Mack’s earlier comment is so true. Even if alumni only give $25 per year, the giving percentage increases and those metrics are used as support for additional funding. I don’t think people realize this. That’s why I don’t believe that graduates ‘can’t’ give, it doesn’t take thousands of dollars! I went to A&T for undergad and Georgia State University for my MBA. Every year, GSU calls and asks for me to donate $25. That’s all they ask for because they know the game. And that’s what I give. A&T on the other hand gets the bigger bucks from me.

    What pissed me off further was seeing black folks say Trump has already done more for HBCUs than President Obama has. Whew! I get heated just thinking about some of the crap that I read on social media that day.

    Thank you for your passion and taking the time to share it with us.

  4. Brittany Williams


    I am with you, we need to start donating to our HBCUs. I love my HBCUs. I actually attended two and I genuinely love them and what they did for me – especially coming from California. You really broke it down. Thank you so much. This was definitely a photo op for 45, he thinks he’s so slick. We see you and we are watching. So, if he can increase pell grant funding, I hope he can make it happen. I don’t want to see my HBCU lose accreditation or close.

  5. lagoveb

    Rod – I always believe you when you say you love Black people, but this episode I felt it.

    As others have said, that woman in the picture irritated me with her display of disrespect. I’d like to say that I didn’t understand the wider implications because I live in the UK, but when you broke it down it was a light bulb moment – of course #45 is holding them to ransom.

    Keep doing what you’re doing – you and Karen are so important.

  6. Mack

    Oh, and what’s the deal with Caitlyn Jenner? How much audacity do you have to tell someone else to tell the President of the United States that he should give YOU a call? Seems to think she has the power in this situation. That’s a WHOLE lot of privilege there. Maybe that’s why I’m not already rich or something.

  7. Mack

    I felt every bit of that HBCU segment. In addition to giving to my own, last year I also started giving to the UNCF. These are our institutions, and it’s up to us to keep them afloat.

    Alumni swear they don’t have anything to give, but they could scrounge up $5. Even giving small amounts allows the schools to get their percentage metrics up, which helps them when they approach foundations and corporations for money. But truth be told, they could give more than $5. Giving $8.33/mo gets you to $100/year. And many folks are leaving matching gift funds from their employers on the table because they aren’t giving anything.

    Before talking about what Oprah or Jordan can do, I wish more folks would put in whatever they have to give.

  8. ari (@rivahcitygurl)

    Rod, thank you so much for being so real and honest regarding the HBCU meeting at the WH. When I saw the photo, I initially rolled my eyes at Kellyanne Conway and didn’t realize the deeper meaning behind what was going on. I was only focused on the jokes and memes associated with the photo and I completely missed the point. This is one of the main reasons why I love this show because you and Karen both do a wonderful job explaining what’s going on in black America from a different perspective than mine. Thank you for all you do to help a black millenial stay woke.

    PS I’m gonna drop a little something in the building fund for yall, since it’s tax season.

  9. bamil73

    Rod, your grief and rage at the beginning of this episode were palpable. I almost missed my bus because I slowed down. The fact that the leaders of these universities have to prostrate themselves to the white supremacist in chief to increase the chances of maintaining funding, ties directly back to what you and Karen were talking about last week about the wealth gap between black and white in the US.

    I did grad school at Tufts University and for the past 10 years, every year they send a package giving me the opportunity to contribute to the school. I never do, simply because I never seem to have the extra coins to contribute. Maybe I would if I could, but I am not the alumnus that they depend on.

    Universities, especially private ones like Tufts, live and die by the size of their endowments. These private, mostly white institutions have these huge endowments because a significant enough percentage of each graduating class has enough earning power, where a sizeable yearly contribution to their alma mater will reduce their tax liability enough for them to shelter more of their income from the IRS. Imagine earning so much income from a combination of salary and stock dividends where dropping $10K in a charitable contribution will MAKE you more money. That is the result of access to power and inter-generational wealth. Contrast that to graduates of HBCU’s. Of course there will always be unique cases of the extremely wealthy graduates, but for the most part, most of the alumni of HBCUs are regular black people that don’t have the extra coins to contribute regularly to their alma mater. Couple that to the fact that a larger proportion of the HBCU student body receives aid, the economics are dire. Please note that when I say the alumni are regular black people, I’m talking about regular, college educated, black people, that accumulate less than our white counterparts because of structural and historical factors.

    I empathise with your anger. When I saw that picture, my first thought was how disrespectful it was for Conway to just be lounging on the bouch during what ostensibly is a business meeting. That initial irritation turned to sadness when considering the implication of what that pic really meant. These University Presidents, at the pinnacle of their careers, have to play nice to this racist ass administration. They had to be there. They had no choice in the matter.

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