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BDS 196: Shaqtin’ A Coon?

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Cousins and Davis can’t win, Cavs getting help, Peterson is a free agent, Durant gets hurt, Shaq vs McGee, Amar’e is homophobic, Emmanuel Sanders tea, Yusaf Mack, Greg Abbott, Soccer player cries over racism, Aaron Gordon’s fine ass sister, Brady missing jersey, Sammy Sosa isn’t sorry, Lance Stephenson jacks MJ’s quote, Uncle Drew movie, Candice Wiggins, KG working out, teen lies on football players, Hick Night, Baylor drama, Transgender boy wins girls state wrestling title, Anthony Morrow jersey snafu, Draymond talks shit to Pierce, McKenzie Calvert, Lil B, Maurice Watson Jr, Rockets, RG3 almost got in a fight, Matt Elam, Matt Barnes, Will Hill III, Le Batard accused of racism, Lonzo Ball daddy and Kyrie fund travel.


  1. cocoqt81

    Hey, Rod and J Bogut! I hope you guys had a good week. Just some quick thoughts. Looks like the Pelicans got worse after the trade…Rod’s agenda is thriving. Everyone was like, they’re only a couple of games from the 8th seed… Now, they’re only a handful of games from being last in the conference. LOL People get so excited that they forget teams need to be constructed properly to thrive. Everyone ignored the fact that their best players play the same position, and one of them is injury prone. Bless their hearts. Anyway, what are the Panthers doing? Like, they finally have a lil money and they decide to back up the Brinks truck to Matt Kalil… They are going to waste Cam’s prime years. I would be upset, but I gotta see what kinda attitude he brings into next season. If he’s still on some all lives matter shit, then I’m only going to be able to feel a little sorry for him. Then again, maybe things will turn out like they did during the Super Bowl season. I just knew they were going to suck because they made no significant roster moves, but they won 15 games, so what do any of us really know? I wish the NBA playoffs would start already. The season is way too fucking long. Have a great weekend, fellas. And, stop shading my Hawks! Oh, one more thing… Can you believe Atlanta people are lining up to support this new soccer team? The Hawks are the only team I’m willing to root for in this city. I REFUSE to be miserable year round. At least I know what to expect from the Hawks. They don’t even tease us like they’re going to win a championship. Even when they went to the ECF we knew nothing would come of it because we’re in the LeBron era, so that series loss didn’t even hurt. I don’t watch soccer, but if I did there’s no way in hell I’d become a fan of this new Atlanta team. We should all know better, but clearly we don’t. Bye for real this time.

  2. Amani

    Hey Rod and J. Carson

    I’m gonna lay off on my lightskin slander this week since we’re all just immigrants here after all. Besides, Lonzo Ball’s crazy ass daddy coming for Chuck’s neck is win we can all claim. He’s trying to be the new Richard Williams, but my man has bars so I’ll let it rock!

    It’s clear the ancestors are waking up and had enough of the bullshit. They snatched back that Oscar for Moonlight, took out KD for his violations against hair, and struck down Andrew Bogut and his alt-right supporting ass in under a minute. The path is clear for *MY* Team USA coach, the woke ass Greg Popovich to come from nowhere and take another title. That’s right! Rod’s been trying to tell you all season, but no one wanted to listen. Just stay low, hope other teams get injured, and peak in the playoffs.

    And the BDS fantasy sports preview on Sportscenter would really be the best thing to happen, right until you mentioned the Domestic Violence bowl and they have to fire all the niggas on tv just to be safe. Alright y’all great show as always. If the Panthers bring back Peppers you know you gotta find a way to get Karen back on one of these.

  3. jamielscorpio

    Can’t spell “The Magic Hive” without the H i v

  4. Teamwombraider

    Once again, you guys are on point. Shaq was being real bold with Javelle & KD. As a youngster he tried to raise up on Ewing. Not happening. My dude RG!!! stay messing up. Considering the situation, I wondered if he was actually fighting with a bro on campus. Isn’t he almost thirty?
    Thanks again,

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