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1396: The Passion Of Trump

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Rod and Karen are on the road recording on location with Shadow Dog Productions. We’re joined by Dexter, Thatcher, Kriss, Ashanti and Dani to discuss movie and TV shows we love, domestic violence, pregnant women are hosts, a councilor calls PD thugs and the passion of Trump.

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  1. Leilah

    LOOK for?? Like- I have to LITERALLY look for good in a person means u ain’t shit and in the words of big Sean…IDFWU LIL STUPID ASS BITCH LOL…I don’t look for nothin but my check deposited every other Friday. Rod, at one point I felt a “oh u poor sweet soul” fitna come out u. Great convo. Respect was given all around

  2. Amani

    See y’all gotta think of the franchise opportunities with Toilet Snakes. What if the plumber was an Italian dude and his brother? That’s right! You just rebooted Super Mario Bros and Snakes on A Plane crossover! We’re in business!

    Great episode, and y’all really handled unbridled optimism that’s divorced from real world consequences well.

  3. -----------PHDee2014 (@FutureinPsy)

    Each week…hell each day, the shows get better and better!
    Love all of you!

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