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TTM 9: What Now?

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Rod and Bassey discuss NBC’s family drama, “This Is Us.”

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  1. ClassicRandBLover

    Hi Rod and Bassey,

    First, “What’s Next” My favorite scenes were in no particular order,

    Randall and Kate. I loved seeing them interact not just because we rarely see it and she was trying so hard to be a good sister and aunt in the midst of feeling triggered about Jack, bu because if you remember I believe episode one where it was revealed that she, Kevin and Randall were siblings, the picture they showed with the grown-up Big Three had Randall and Kate sort of linked (standing arm in arm or her head on his shoulder and smiling) and it served to reinforce the fact that Randall and Kevin really didn’t have a relationship. There was also a picture in Randall’s house that was him and Kate as adults, which further reinforced his lack of closeness to Kevin, so it was good to see the implied closeness actually shown.

    Jack and William in Randall’s dream. I loved seeing them bonding over the antics of tenn Randall, especially after the scenes in Memphis where William referred to Jack as “brother” and Randall as “their son.”

    The mailman scene for all the reasons you guys stated.

    Kevin and Randall sharing a supportive brotherly moment. I hope that the deleted scene Sterling K. Brown spoke about where Kevin talked about his relationship with William and reading lines and seeking advice is included on the Season DVD.

    As for the season finale, I’ll just say this because this is getting long, but the thing that struck me was how wrong Rebeca was about Jack’s drinking. It was clear that she had no idea that prior to getting with her, that juice was already nipping at Jack’s heels and he was already battling to not let his demons get the better of him. While I understand Jack not wanting to share something he was undoubtedly ashamed of, I wonder if Rebecca would have attacked him the way she did had she realized that the drinking was not an excuse Jack was using to justify his behavior, but a sign of how the pressures of his life and the fight not to become his father was something that was constantly there and truly weighing on him.

  2. Leilah

    I’m not gonna piss ya off and write a dissertation this week. This weeks episode was just-ok- and will be the first to be deleted. Honestly, I’m just glad I didn’t cry. I liked the flashbacks and finding out more about Jack like: he was a military man, he had a ride or die friend better than Miguel named D, how he was the 80’s version scammer, and how much his mother looked like she was hoping Jack would ball her husband up in the corner-JUST ONCE! I thought he’d finally caught a win at that poker game but nope. Personally, I would’ve instantly jumped my ass in a cab instead of doing my TD dance at the 1 yd line. Anyway! Although he only had 1-2 lines this episode, the real star again is Randall and his decision to pay it forward and adopt a lil dividend (hopefully a black one). What was more remarkable was the look Beth gave him after. I thought she was fitna say “whatchu talnbout Willis!?” I don’t condone men hitting women so had Jack just violently shook Rebecca for about 10 sec after she compared him to his dad, I would’ve understood. Speaking of Rebecca, she was trying to get that 360 deal with Electra…until oops! She got that “we’ve listened to ur demos and unfortunately…” letter in the mail. #WhitePrivilegeDenied

  3. cocoqt81

    Hey, Rod and Bassey! I hope you guys had a great week. My email didn’t make it into last week’s episode *sad face*, but its main point was Toby is trash. I watched a few episodes while I was working and waiting on the season finale and lemme tell you, I hate Toby even more after having another look. He’s worse than Miguel. Remember the episode when he decided he was tired of dieting, and ordered all that damn spaghetti on his weekly date with Kate while she was eating a nasty ass kale salad? Like, really dude? You know she is trying to get her life together and she has problems with temptation, and you decide to sit your dusty ass in front of her and munch on delicious pasta. You couldn’t eat salad for one fucking meal for a person you supposedly love?! TOBY IS TRASH!!! And I really hope they are writing him like this only for Kate to one day wake up and realize that he ain’t shit and she doesn’t have to accept it. A lot of women find themselves in relationships with nicely packaged assholes, and Kate is no different. He’s one of those men who doesn’t listen to the needs of his partner because he thinks he knows better. Ugh. I cannot stand that type of man. He really feels like his wants and needs and feelings are more important than hers. How are people not seeing how trash he is?! Anyway, I kinda wish they would have moved the season finale episode in front of Memphis, and last week’s episodes. I think William’s memorial was way more important and would have made a stronger end to the season, but I understand why they did it this way. Anyway, let’s enjoy this break. I hope they come back strong and Toby has another heart attack and dies. Later!

  4. Mack

    I don’t see what y’all are reading into Toby as far as being manipulative. He’s no longer just some dude. He’s her fiance, and *she* told *him* that she wanted to talk to him about it that night. TV shows would normally flip the genders on this scenario, so it may seem stranger than usual.

    I’m not ready to give thoughts on the Jack & Rebecca argument.

  5. AO

    As always, a great recap. Y’all have definitely helped make me a fan of the show. I love how y’all analyze the complicated stories.

    I don’t share your ire for Miguel (he meh) but I do agree Toby feels sketch. For me it’s the fact that he’s a saboteur, always taking Kate’s eyes off the prize and he pushes into spaces where he’s not wanted.

    Prime examples: When his simp ass came to the wellness camp and wanted to spend time w Kate when he KNEW she was supposed to be focusing on herself and losing the weight. She’s told him it’s important to her. He got all sappy and pathetic and made her feel bad so she left – and just when she was getting the rhythm of the percussion work out class. He also sabotaged on their date when he kept feenin for pasta. He pushed in on football time and Christmas. He’s the definition of bugaboo.

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