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1400: Live Outside The Bowl

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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. Anonymous

    Hey rod! Hey Karen! Just to follow up on its okay have your girl push the car if you need to pop the clutch. Yes! This did actually happen to me! Lol. To answer your question about “who was pushing?” I was pushing from the door and steering. My girl was pushing from the back. Unfortunately she had never been thru the process of pushing a car to pop the clutch, so she didn’t know to stop pushing when I hop in the car. So once I pop the clutch and get the car moving I look in the review mirror and she is nowhere to be found. I stop the car (don’t turn it off of course) and get out to see where she went. She had fallen because she had still been trying to push as the car started and pulled away. I felt super bad! She had a hole in the knee of her WORK pants as she had driven from work to come help me. I asked her if she was okay. Which she was. Then both of us busted up laughing cause that shit was hella funny! I keep jumper cables in my car. Love you guys, love the show!

  2. Ms. Smart

    1. Just because you add the milk after the cereal it doesn’t have to mean soggy cereal. If you pour the cereal in first, hen pour the milk along the side of the bowl, it goes under the cereal.

    2. About the girl harassing the other girl in school: I think I get where this parent could be coming from. We’re conditioned to have knee-jerk reactions. Even when we think we have unlearned those responses, occasionally we run across a situation we aren’t prepared for.

    As a society, we are dismissive of hetero-harassment. In schools, girls are constantly told that a boy harassing them just likes them–which is ridiculous. Little Stevie snaps your bra, says foul things to you, pushes you down, all because he likes you. Naw! Further, society doesn’t deal with homosexuality well either. When you add homosexuality to the already poorly handled heterosexual harassment, people get shook. It’s a situation very few seriously talk about or deal with so there aren’t even many examples of how to effectively handle it. The same adults comfortable with harassment by the opposite sex often react far more seriously when confronted with same sex harassment. The cool thing is that this parent asked instead of going with a knee-jerk reaction.

  3. Monica

    I just cackled way too loudly when Rod told Karen she could Google farina instead of derailing the email with that question. And Karen was like, so I will then. Then Rod was like I Googled it for you. Ha! I am both Karen, totally on my own train of thought thinking out loud, and Rod, sarcastically not appreciating the interruption. It was a very cute and very funny and genuine couple’s moment.

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