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1406: In White People News Too

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Rod and Karen discuss That’s Ya’ll Man, White People News and Sword ratchetness.

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  1. Anonymous

    Hey Rod & Karen,

    Was listen to this this podcast in the shower and I got so mad I had to cut it short to write this comment.

    Mr. Harvey, aka Prince of the Coons, seems to forget how we got Donald Trump aka Lord Cheeto. The Cheeto and Chief was the leader of the so called “Birther Movement”. He attained a prominent position in politics, specifically the Republican party hyping this racist narrative. I realize Steve may have been busy buttoning one of his 37 button suits and missed the 5 or 6 years Agent Orange toured the the world giving interviews in which he questioned President Barrack Obama’s birth place. I think an organized campaign based on a racist narrative that seeks to de-legitimize the President of the United States is a seriously more disrespectful to “The office” of the President than Snoops silly little video. Why the hell is Prince Coon flapping his lips about respecting “the office” when it is currently held by a man who doesn’t respect a damn thing, let alone the office of the president? Snoop may have taken it to another level in his video, but everyday the Orange Menace finds a new way to cheapen and degrade “the office”. People need to stop trying to normalize this man, he is not normal. All I’ll say about Lil Bow Wow’s comment about 7361 (I think that was Melania’s catalog number) is that he was out of line and threatening to force someone into prostitution is wrong. However, she was also on that Birther BS, so F her too.


    White people stop telling black people to just accept Orange Julius as our President, he will never be our President. He was openly hostile and racist toward Barack Obama and you (white people) did nothing about it. And now you have elected him President and to do that you had to ignore all the provable vile things about him. I’ll bet most of you (white people) wouldn’t leave this man alone with your dog, but the promise of old fashion unfiltered cism (as Rod would say) was just to much to pass up.

  2. csick

    My biggest question about the Heinz Mad Men ad, is why now? The show ended almost 2 years ago. This would have made way more sense if they had announced this during the final season in the lead up to the series finale.

  3. HouseKat

    This is probably the first and last time I will ever side with Urban Outfitters, but I think Coachella’s gonna lose that lawsuit. Coachella isn’t some unique name that the music festival organizers invented, it’s the name of a valley and a city situated in that valley. If UO were selling “Coachella Festival Boots” that would be one thing, but if they’re just “Coachella Boots” then they can argue that they are named for the town or the valley, which aren’t copyrightable.

    Kinda sorta related – did you see that people on Twitter are using the hashtag #CoachellaFist to refer to Iron Fist? *dead*

  4. Tori Danielle

    38,000 pounds of cheese, gone?!
    FWMIWP (fucking with my inner white person): 100!

  5. Anonymous

    This episode triggered me, from the Fox News lynch mob to Mel Gibson to the exploits of Igloo Australia. Did they really holler out “Sak pase!” at the beginning of that mixtape? So now she’s appropriating Haitian/Creole culture too? 100!! I rate it all 100.

  6. Anonymous

    Did someone create that gif?

  7. bamil73

    After writing my initial comment I saw that the Trump administration was trying to take credit for 100 million that Obama pushed through Congress to fix Flint’s water supply. This doesn’t negate what I said earlier because Flint probably needs in excess of half a billion to get things right and sustainable, and I would be surprised if Trump’s administration contributes to that.

  8. bamil73

    Hey Guys

    I heard the story about the Stone Brewery in San Diego. Far be it for me to be that “well actually” motherfucker, but I had to write in and say, well actually, California has been recycling water for years.

    I have been working as an engineer in the water and wastewater industry since leaving university in the early nineties, but it wasn’t until I started working with a company in Vancouver in ’06 (shout out to the Arrow-verse) that I realised that the technology exists to remove all the impurities from wastewater to make it fit for human consumption. They start by removing all the inorganic stuff (toilet paper, rocks, dirt) then using natural bacteria to remove fecal matter and other bacteria and viruses. They then let the stuff settle, and allow solids sink to the bottom and clearer liquids to float to the top. At this point, the wastewater is safe to discharge to large bodies of water where it can be diluted by clean water and have minimal impact on the environment. However, to be fit for human consumption, they have to go several steps further using complex processes involving filtration to remove nano-sized particles, as well as disinfection plus the addition of minerals. The resulting product is typically cleaner than most existing tap water.

    Several cities and counties in California have been doing this stuff for a couple of decades, but from what I understand, they have just been using this treated water to recharge the aquifer to mitigate the effects of prolonged droughts, as well as using it in separate systems for irrigation and street cleaning etc. Since last year, because of the latest prolonged drought, San Diego has been making strides to integrate the recycled water into regular water supply. Politically, this is probably the right time to do so as residents are now willing to overlook the “ick factor” of drinking water that used to be shit, because they know what a prolonged drought looks and feels like.

    Knowing this technology exists makes the situation in Flint harder to swallow (see what I did there?). If there was political will, the state could deploy technologies to clean up the river or lake that supplies Flint, in addition to treating the wastewater to levels that could ensure a sustainable drinking water supply. Alas, Flint does not have the tax base that San Diego does and people with the purse strings do not consider the mostly poor and mostly black people of Flint, Michigan to be people. If the previous administration was still in power, there may have been a fighting chance to get federal funds to match any state funds that could go towards fixing the problem but elections have consequences. So, if you ever wondered what the barriers to clean water for Flint are, they aren’t related to science.

    Ain’t whiteness grand? If your city with a sizeable rich, white tax base has a water problem, you can science the fuck out of it and have clean water to brew craft beer. If your poor, mostly black city has a water problem then it’s, “sorry niggers, you should have pulled up your bootstraps, now enjoy your lead infused water”. Man, writing this just made me angry. I had heard about that brew, but never made the connection to Flint until you guys brought it up. Keep doing what you do.

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