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1407: The Man Cold Conspiracy

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Rod and Karen discuss Rod’s random thoughts, LGBTQ news, porn restrictions soften in UK, racist waiter, Tyrese is against weaves, Marine nude scandal expands, Obama threatener runs for office, man says he was shot by made up black dude, racist chiropracter, Subway chicken suit, Steve King, sushi restaurant accused of racism, Milk is racist, pizza shooting, father scares son straight, man tries to sell child porn to victim’s sister and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Mr_Nite

    Dear Rod and Karen, do like the Europeans and have seperate covers on the bed. You will sleep like a baby.

  2. Arian Fisher

    Yeah Tyrese definitely could have kept all that BS to himself because nobody asked you. What is up with black men’s unwarranted, unnecessary and ignorant thoughts on what a black woman needs to do?! Like Rod said, just because you’ve been married for 3 minutes doesn’t make you a relationship guru. Boy bye!

  3. Arian Fisher

    Rod I totally agree with you re: bad guys waiting in line to die. It happens all the time. During like the first 10 minutes of ‘Into the Badlands’ a bunch of niggas are just waiting their turn for the main character Sunny to kill them. I feel like yelling at the TV like “What’s wrong with you?! Exit stage left or play dead or something!” There’s no way that you’re gonna be the 1 person of the other 37 people he’s already killed without breaking a sweat that’s gonna make it out alive.

  4. Anonymous

    Good morning Queen Karen and Mr. Rod. I have missed you guys so much. I spent my weekend celebrating my Grandmother’s 90th Bornday! This episode is just what I needed.
    Love you both!

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