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1408: Work Studies

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Rod and Karen discuss Eddie Murphy may be working on Coming To America 2, Nick Cannon, Hip Hop old people sex song, OH outlaws sex with animals, botch butt lifts, report on executions, sexism in workplace, humor at work, sex breaks proposal, teen sexually assaulted on FB live and no one called cops, teen murdered by her ex who she was fined for taking to court, tweet sends man to jail, That’s Ya’ll Man, White People News, mayor caught in pedo sting, man admits to sexual assault in job interview, dine and dash bandit and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Mack

    I would prefer to never think about grandparents getting it on. I wish I never heard that rap.

    No thanks on Coming to America. I’ll still watch the original, but I think the time has passed for a properly done sequel. Especially if it ends up being a trip back to Zumunda. That won’t go over well. (Unless he’s actually going back to marry Vanessa Bell Calloway, who looks the same today as she did back then).

  2. Tori Danielle

    Rod’s work experience sounds a lot like mine. I’m already an introvert, but add the cold atmosphere at my job (especially the last few years) and all impetus to open up disappears. I’ve done my best to make my participation in “mandatory fun” events (just the occasional agency-wide potluck) minimal: bring my bag of chips, fix a plate of food brought only by the folks I know & trust, and fake smile as I sneak out. Hopefully the new job I start next month will be better.

    (Sorta off topic: new job means more funds. More funds means PREMIUM SOON COME!)

  3. Anne

    So, this comment is a little unrelated tot his show but…. to follow up on a discussion you had earlier about why black people from the Caribbean are treated better in the U.S. than black people native to America. Here’s my take. It is true that there is an element of “exoticness” that makes foreign born black people more appealing to white Americans. But I also think that there is an element of white Americans wanting to prove that black Americans are causing their own problems by finding black people who are “doing better”. Except that theory doesn’t work because they’re using someone from the outside of the country to make their point.

    Also, I thought I’d leave this article link for you. Trump’s America: white man travels to New York specifically to kill black men. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2017/03/22/white-man-traveled-to-new-york-to-kill-black-men-and-make-a-statement-police-say/?utm_term=.1c031ec1d9df If anyone wants proof that our society, specifically the so called liberal media, encourages hatred towards blacks, this might be a good place to start. He randomly stabbed a 66 year old man. I doubt we will see this on Brietbart or Fox.

  4. DERRICk

    I feel like we should bring back cannon executions lol l, and make it an event put out a giant target, and every bullseye everyone gets free tacos.

  5. silverback

    Farmer said he’s tired of people fucking his animals and making the milk sour. Karen you are awesome. In regards to carrying out capital punishment incorrectly, I remember Last podcast on the left covering botched executions one story stuck out where a nigga named Clayton Lockett wouldn’t die from lethal injection, due to certain tried and true chemicals being banned. The niggas last word were “man” as he tried to lift up from the execution gurney after being injected into his groin. Damn sorry to be depressing, but just wanted to say yall on point as usual and it’s scary how little fucks are given in the pursuit of equality at times. Peace ps fuck those bigoted chanting spring breakers.

  6. vreal3

    Mr. Church need to go ask that white girl for his savings back so he won’t be so press to do this bullish!

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