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BDS 199: Safe Steele

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, BSO goes in on Sage Steele, Lavar Ball, Kyrie didn’t like Get Out, Gilbert Arenas, Sage Steele on the gender gap, resting NBA players, Ray Rice, Cupcake taunting, LeBron helping the kids, Trump hates Kapernick, NFL competition committee, Geno Smith, Brady jersey, Karl Malone, soccer player thanks wife and girlfriend, Bell can’t go to prom, Hopkins talks about domestic violence, MJ I’m Back moment, Alvin Gentry, Dwight Howard, Hornacek keeping job, Drake gets roasted, D Wade done for the year, Supermel, John Wall, USA Gymnastics sex scandal, Shaq thinks the earth is flat, Brazilian soccer team signs killer, D Fish admits he took that L, Westbrook’s wife goes ham, weed, Minnesota players cleared of rape, JJ Watt snowfall fight and dick in a bun.


  1. cocoqt81

    Hey, Rod and J O’ Reilly. Congrats on episode 200! Just wanted to say hey. I’m in the dentist chair waiting for a filling. Lol Here’s to 200 more!

  2. Selester63

    Hey Rod and J-Whitlock,

    Congrats on 200 BDS shows. You Negroes keep putting in that work week after week. May you continue to bring us the ratchet sports talk.


    • Selester63

      Shout out to Queen Karen, have fun in Jamaica

  3. Amani

    Hey Rod and Stephen J. Smith

    We all know what the jig is with Kap, no need to talk around what ifs, but I just want people to remember this the next time they demand players protest for something to make them feel better. I remember when folks were yelling at the Clippers and calling them sellouts for not sitting out playoff games like Donald Sterling hadn’t been racist for the last 30 years. It’s one thing to encourage activism, but you can’t put your hand in somebody else’s pocket and feel entitled to their labor.

    And that’s why y’all nailed it with that bullshit about Lebron missing a game or two. Guess what, the nigga might need a day off once or twice a year. It happens. Nobody gets mad when teams like the Bills sit players so they can get out of paying contract incentives but they’ll be so pissed when it’s the Black players making business decisions. If Bron’s career has taught us anything is nothing makes people angrier than that.

    200 episodes! Look how far we’ve come from a side hustle trying to kill some time between jobs! Just wanted to take a minute and say thank you and seriously appreciate all the shit that goes into it. I know we had the Balls of the Year nominations, but what are some of your favorite stories or skits doing the show? That Donovan to RG3 call and drunk deep sports gotta be up there.

  4. ProfKori

    “It’s like they stupid. I ain’t saying they stupid, but it’s like they stupid.” LOL!!!

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