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1409: Eugene Is Negan

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Rod and Karen recap The Walking Dead.

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  1. Leilah

    Tara is the new damn Glenn. She should’ve BEEN fertilizer for Deannas garden. Rick and crew stay meeting communities that are full of Morgan’s. WILL YALL KILL THIS GIRL ALREADY!? I need Terrance Howard in the ZA…he’d kill her . I know if I ever find myself in the ZA…umma just act suicidal (like Rick, Daryl, and Rosita). Them folks never die

  2. D Ramsey PhDone

    What if Eugene is working an angle….Think about it…Her convinced Abraham and Rosita to go to DC/Alexandria? He may be working on the inside to take Negan down!

  3. sirius_moonlite

    Hi Rod and Karen,
    Thank you for such a great recap. I really liked the character development of Rosita and Sasha in this episode. I know a lot of folks hate it when the show takes a breather to focus on character building instead of non-stop action but I think these episodes are equally important because they are the ones that make you care about who survives those action episodes because you like or hate the people affected because of the character focused episodes. Anyway, I don’t think Eugene is “gone” it’s like the line Maggie said earlier in the season the most dangerous people are cowards. Eugene is loyal to whomever will provide him a sense of safety. He’s all about protecting his own neck and fuck everyone else. Eugene and Jeffery (I’m sure he’s one of those “Geoffery” with a G) are a lot a like it’s just Eugene has slightly more scruples. I think he still genuinely cares for Rick’s group but he doesn’t think they stand a chance against Negan and the Saviors so he’s placing his bet on who he thinks will give him the safest haven. When Rick and his axis of asskickers storm the gates and fuck the Saviors up, Eugene will flip like a damn pancake. He’s a bro who ain’t loyal.

    Also I have a theory on the Junkatron gang, it’s the only one that makes sense outside them just being batshit crazy. What if English was not their native language? Imagine if you were from another country and you were trying to learn how to speak English and then all hell broke loose. If I was in a country where English is not the official language, I’d probably be sounding just like Jadis to the people from that country trying to speak a language I barely know. My hair would look better though, z-poc or not there’s no excuse for those bangs. I like that actress though, she plays a great weirdo. I loved her on Hap and Leonard (she was the mohawked girlfriend of the main villian).

    Great show guys, love and appreciate you both!

  4. SeanEKPG

    Hey Rod and Karen,

    Great recap as always. I always love hearing your insights and takes.

    Just thought I should point out two things you may not have caught. First, Sasha was killing with shots through the heart, is she purposely creating walkers to help clear the camp?

    Second, The stirrup of the Kingdom crossbow is pentagonal, while Daryl’s crossbow is square. The silhouetted crossbow in the end was square, and the silhouette also appeared to be wearing a leather vest…

    As for Eugene, I’m not sold on either argument. He did not decide he was Negan until after the roasting of Dr. Carson. That either means that he believes Negan to mean coward or abuser. Either one of them matches his self-identity and given the evidence, either is equally likely.

    I’m looking forward to the last couple of episodes, but even more I am looking forward to your recaps. Love from Japan.

  5. Amani

    Sasha watched Underground this week and got to work on that Underground Railroad. Not sure who they’ll need to get away from first thought, the Saviors or Gregory. He had that pep in his step back like the District Manager came by and told him he could cut back people’s hours. If we’re not getting the war until next season, taking Gregory out in Hilltop maybe the last chess piece that needs to move on the board to get everyone in Formation.

  6. Mack

    This is Mack, who is also Negan. Great recap episode as usual. Was glad Rosita had changed by the end of the episode. Gregory is such an unrepentant bootlicker,. And Eugene has full on assimilated. And the metal walkers don’t look near as bad as the junkyard terrordome walker.

    In the real world, this has been a crazy week in politics with the ACA debacle.

    The sword ratchetness in NY this week was crazy.

    Keep up the good work.

  7. Victoria

    Hi Rod and Karen,
    Thank you for an incredible show. You are an oasis of sanity in this orange-tinted world. I started watching the Walking Dead because of your recaps. I jumped in last season and feel totally caught up with the characters because of your in depth analysis and summary. After listening to the latest recap, I realized why Sasha chose to sacrifice herself and save Rosita. When Rosita gave Sasha her background Sasha realized that Rosita was more important to the group’s survival because of all the skills she has. If Rosita died, it would hurt the group more than if Sasha died so she sacrificed herself. Now Rosita will be compelled to get it together for the group and she will surely be indispensable to the cause. Anyhoo, thanks again for an awesome show.

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