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SMR 125: Power Rangers

Rod and Karen discuss the new Power Rangers movie and then we talk about some movie trailers.


  1. Amani

    I was one of those kids who was slow to get with Power Rangers because I thought it was just a Voltron ripoff. But I remember when the first movie came out they had a Black woman on the team, and I didn’t have the words for it then but you could see how much it meant for all the Black girls at school to see themselves. Most girls had to claim Nala from the Lion King as a Disney Princess because an African lion was the closest they had back then. Just read an article that most of the cast of this movie wants Tommy to be a woman in the sequel, and it would even out the team so that would be a dope opportunity. Fun movie and good review, Karen was getting her life!

  2. ZeroCool

    Regarding female Power Ranger leaders, they’ve done it three times in the show in Power Rangers Time Force, Power Rangers SPD, and Power Rangers Samurai. I do think if they did do an all female Power Rangers team, it’d be more well received versus how it was with Ghostbusters.

  3. Darienfoxx

    Loved this movie! It wasn’t perfect, but it was really fun and had some great moments. There are two scenes that were worth the price of admission by themselves. The moment when Jason slaps the fuck out of that bully in detention was golden. And the time when Billy says “yippee-kie-yay motherf-” then stops him self and says “uh, Mother’s good. Mother’s good.”

    Thanks for the review, y’all!

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