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TNO 81: DC, Umm. Maybe. We’ll See.

Rod, Kriss and Aaron discuss listener feedback, Godzilla Anime coming to Netflix, Wonder Woman news, Game of Thrones, Man of Steel 2 director, Unfortunate Events renewed, Alexandra Shipp wants Storm to evolve, DC movie news, The Fly remake coming, Nintendo Switch news, Joe Manganiello might not be in The Batman, Logan Director takes shots, Iron Fist news and RIP Jay Lynch.

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  1. Amani

    What’s going on with the crew!

    Before we even get to the big conversation, I’m just glad I saw Rod say he finally caught up on Moon Girl. I’m not going to say it’s the best, but lowkey that has been my favorite book the last year. Just consistently feel good reading it and makes me wish I had younger girls in my family so I could give it to.

    The biggest takeaway from me from watching this whole debate about sales has been reminding myself that we’re in the minority by prioritizing comics themselves. And this is separate from blaming folks for not buying books. If we’re being honest it’s mainly women and people of color supporting series with diverse casts and the fall off is white readers not crossing over. Just in general I’ve noticed when new characters are introduced so much of the speculation is when/if they’ll get their own movies or tv shows across the board. Because I spend so much time in these spaces I forget not everybody is excited about in the same way about the books themselves.

    And hell, just industry reasons alone, people are ignoring how successful DC Rebirth has been. I remember last summer Kriss and Dpalm would go over sales charts and every month it would be one Batman book and about 9 from Marvel. Since Rebirth that’s flipped, I know I’m reading a hell of a lot more DC than I was before. There’s a lot going on, so I’ll let y’all get to it, but I know WB is happy the lead story this week isn’t them fucking up another movie again.

    P.S. Michael Bay has all those Tranformers sequels are you telling me one of them can’t involve GI Joe and Bad Boys? The world has been waiting for The Rock and Will Smith to be in the same movie. It’s time.

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