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Rod, Karen, Amber and N’Jaila discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Iron Fist, Pirates of the Caribbean, Bumblebee solo movie, Sleeping Dogs casts Donnie Yen, SpaceX wants to go to the moon, Disney animation winning it all, unlocking your phone with your face, Xbox subscription program, Evangeline Lilly, Spawn reboot, Pokemon Go gym issue, Chinese Box Office is saving Hollywood, Mr. Robot news, X-men TV series, Netflix choose your own adventure content, Apple patch, 24 Legacy, Conan Exiles penis issue, Maid Marian movie, The Little Mermaid, Avatar 2, Assassin’s Creed in Egypt, porn sites take hit because of Zelda, Steven Universe game, Youtube TV, Power Rangers streaming on Twitch, DC getting esports team, Twitter bot and Nintendo Switch issues.

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