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1412: March Sadness

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Rod and Karen discuss United airlines leggings controversy, Barry Jenkins to direct Underground Railroad, Terrence Howard says he was never abusive, Twitter paid service idea, March Sadness, Chris Brown to appear on Black-Ish, Cuba Gooding Jr pulls up Sarah Paulson’s skirt, Coke is the best soda, Haribo getting a US plant, 52 percent of men say they don’t benefit from birth control, Brazil meat scandal, Rachel Dolezal book tour, PTSD in black women, white supremacist scared of discrimination, burglar Cinderella, man upset at Popeye’s, woman beats her child over Bible verses, orderly records old people sex and posts it online and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I understand the dress code for people on stand by tickets. Most airlines have those rules but the problem is, its open for interpretation so you’re at the mercy of a ticketing agent who may not like you for whatever reason or be racist or sexist. This biggest issue I think in this case is what’s business casual for a ten year old? Seriously that was just ridiculous.

    Racheal Dolezal is the final form in the evolution of Becky. She is Becky Palpatine. I wish she would go away but as long as the media keeps giving this fraud attention she’ll keep popping up like a cockroach in the dark.

  2. SymSymma

    White people news is mostly quite relaxing. Men that don’t benefit from birth control don’t get any and they are just plain hateful. Rachel Goaway is peak whiteness simply because she is allowed a platform despite being a public fraud and regularly disregarding the hurt she inflicts every time her ass pops up. However, when y’all played Troop I got my 6th grade life and stood at my desk and sang along. Forgot all about that chick

  3. Anonymous

    Also, I enjoyed your all White People News episode. Only the That’s Ya’ll Man segment that bakes my biscuit.

  4. Mack

    See, that’s some self hate there. All those folks guessed black on the chicken joint. Y’all know doggone well that there’s always 3 minutes left before spicy is up, or 4 more minutes before there’s some more white meat. Folks are used to that, they wouldn’t flip out over that!

  5. BrooklynShoeBabe

    I love your podcast and you are friends in my head. I talk to you in my head when i listen to the podcast. But when you read that story about the White supremacist group saying we should walk in their shoes and see they’re okay people, i started screaming NO, NO, NO FUCK DAT SHIT so loud I thought my neighbors were going to bang on the ceiling. Oooo, I was hot.

  6. D Ramsey PhDone

    I am hear for all of the shade thrown towards Rachel Wannabe Black So Bad…but you are not!

  7. Anne

    One more comment, I don’t know if you have ever heard of a blog called http://www.abagond.com. It is a collection of short opinion pieces (less than 500 words) about things that affect the black community. It hits on a lot of the same points that you discuss. I don’t always agree with everything the writer says but the posts are well done and thought provoking. Well worth reading.

  8. Forest

    Yet another crazy aspect of the Dolezal story is how it seeks to erase black people who present with more European features. It’s not like there aren’t black people who have fair skin, straight hair, or light eyes. More than likely, if you’re in the south (TX, LA), you got fam that’s black but looks white. They have a different black experience, but it’s a genuinely black experience with its own set of nuances. She demeans that by putting on an affectation of blackness and further attempting to quantify what blackness is based on that affectation. It’s also ignored that American blackness is more than a race, it’s a specific cultural ethnicity that’s marked by more than simply pain and oppression. I honestly don’t see why anyone is paying this woman anything more than dust. UGH!

  9. Arian Fisher

    I wish that bitch Rachel Dolezal would go the fuck away. Leave us alone! The media is a huge problem because they’re letting her cook with this ‘I identify as black even though I’m white’ nonsense and now she has a book to promote too?! They can’t wait to post her ridiculous comments as headlines to get everybody talking about it. Whenever I hear about that woman, it’s 100 all day, every day!

  10. Arian Fisher

    Men don’t benefit from birth control?! Sounds like 52% of men who shouldn’t be fucking anybody but themselves. They’re the same ones who say that baby can’t be mine, we only had sex once. SMDH

  11. Dbtrill

    My dad worked for American Airlines growing up so I’m very familiar with not being able to wear what you want when flying except in my case I had to wear button up shirts with collars which was ridiculous but luckily they never stopped me from getting on the airlines should be ashamed

    • Anne

      I used to travel with a family pass from my dad too. And we also had to dress appropriately when we travelled. My dad said it was because we had to be ready in case we got bumped up to first class. And we usually did. We were the best dressed people in first class though.

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