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1413: Church Street Harassment

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Rod and Karen are joined by author Nina Perez of Podcast Fandom and projectfandom.com to discuss TV watching habits, where people draw the line in entertainment, the benefits of chocolate, Sean Spicer, Bill O’Reilly, James Harris Jackson, white people news, pancake eating man, engagement ring in the trash, porn note bandit and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I eat my cereal dry because milk is gross. So I can’t fault anyone for the way they eat their cereal or any kind of food…except Kit Kats. Still side-eyeing you Rod.

  2. FalconsDiva

    So I had not commented on the cereal issue in the past but I’m sick of y’all harassing Karen about her choices! I too pour the milk in my bowl first. It started when I was younger – before I knew the weight of the milk carton corresponded to the amount of milk in the carton. Imagine pouring a nice bowl of Fruit Loops only to have a limited amount of milk end up in the bowl. All the top cereal that the milk passed through but for which there was not enough milk to enjoy was a waste! Then by the time I got my bowl right, the cereal at the bottom was almost too soggy to eat. I was too young to fuss at the culprit that left 2 swallows of milk in the refrigerator but from that day forward, I have poured the milk in first and then added the cereal. Additionally, I like a high milk to cereal ratio so pouring the milk in first helps me to properly manage that ratio. Finally, I hate soggy cereal and I get distracted easily so this prevents my cereal from getting soggy.

    But I did NOT start my comment intending to write a thesis on cereal. I really wanted to say that, like y’all, I watch a LOT of TV. I’ve never really shamed anyone for their choices except for when Scandal first came out. Every Black woman that I know that watches TV and did NOT watch Scandal received a lecture from me on the importance of watching the first primetime drama with a Black female lead. I shamed quite a few people into watching Scandal that first season LOL.

    On 45 – I think he focuses more on how can he undo everything President Obama has accomplished. He is so obsessed with the best president in our history, it’s pitiful.

    Great show as always!

  3. Mack

    What is the point of paying more money for steak only to make it rubber? Better off just saving the money and eating a burger or chopped steak. Waiters should just take the order and bring back a chopped steak and call it a day.

    And you can’t waste cereal milk! That’s must drink stuff! Unless you’re eating some trash adult type cereal. But even then, don’t let it go to waste! Oh, did y’all ever go taste that cereal milk flavored ice cream y’all mentioned a few weeks back?

    And just out of curiosity, do y’all see the comments on the poll, or do y’all want comments for the poll to written down here in the regular reply section?

  4. Shera

    I use just enough cashew milk in my cereal so that there isn’t any left after I’m done eating. It’s usually 1 cup of cereal and 1/2 a cup of milk. When I was a kid, my brother would add sugar to his cereal. Have you ever seen globs of sugar at the bottom of a bowl full of left over cereal milk? Disgusting.

  5. Jdubya

    Steak… medium to medium rare. Anything else is raw or rubber!
    And who DOESN’T drink the cereal milk?? That’s just as good as the cereal! While I may not agree with the outside the bowl milk before cereal agenda Karen, I will stand by you on the cereal milk drinking to the death, or prolly just a social media battle or somethin. Great show love you guys, Jdubya

  6. lamalamatime

    Hey Karen and Rod,

    In regards to the chocolate portion of the episode, here is a bit about cacoa!

    Cacoa is the bean that chocolate, cocoa, cocoa butter (etc.) comes from. The higher the percentage of cacoa the purer the chocolate. The cacoa tree is a smallish evergreen tree, that originated in South America. Cacao seeds grow in large oval pods located at the base of the tree. Cacoa trees are mostly grown and cultivated in West Africa now.

    Love you both. Also Karen I eat cereal the same way. Milk first. I let the cereal and milk sit in the bowl for a bit, so it gets soggy. Then I crunch, well not really, the cereal is soggy, away. Sooooo, I’m a cereal terrorist too. Maybe like a level 3 threat.

  7. D Ramsey PhDone

    Love this episode. My dad loves all his stuff overcooked! Gross I know, but hey he is old school.

  8. silverback

    Sigh I grew up with my Grandmother god bless her beautiful black soul, cooking steaks with mushrooms and onions in the oven aka well done af. However She was a great cook though and would make all sorts of cultural food stir frys, quiches, and even lamb once which you have to cook rare to medium rare due to the lack of fat. My granny seen the blood coming out of the leg of lamb and exclaimed “what kind of white people shit is this”! Much like yall I was blessed to eventually work in the restaurant industry where I got to enjoy peak quality cuts of meat at rare and medium rare temperatures. I agreed with Nina about seasoning, there are sick individuals out here guest the race who enjoy just getting raw meat cooking it and then eating it, with out batting a eye at the salt, pepper, garlic,Italian seasoning or the paprika. I eats my steak rare to medium rare if I don’t trust you. Damn now a nigga need some Hibachi steak lunch.

    Cereal Milk is FLAME EMOJIS Karen. Keep it real i will add more cereal to that existing milk and eat that to compound the sweetness of the cereal milk…delicious.

    Got so much love for yall and the podcast. Shows stay being on point, motivational, comedic, and always out spoken.

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