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1414: Judith’s Guardian Manny’s

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Rod and Karen are joined by Ashanti of the MTR Network to recap The Walking Dead.

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  1. brooklynshoebabe

    No real comment except thank you for being on your podcast grind. Your recaps of TWD makes me more excited about that show. Ashanti’s Manny meme killed me. One day, I’ll have enough money to go premium. Until then, i’ll put $5 on it whenever I can.

  2. Dunedragon

    Hi Guys,

    Due to some glitch my comment last week did not get posted, but I was so happy to see “David” correcting Enid’s grammar on veggies. I had hopes of him being the regional manager of the Junktacons just to be seeing his reactions.Too bad his greasy rapey ass had to be taken out. Maybe there will be a future webisode that shows his back story and he was once with the junktacons and when they started their new grammar he was like “Nope, Im out of here.”

    If Sasha was in such a suicide mode, she should have just slashed Negan deep in the leg and taken Lucile in the head. Anyhow, she and the cowardly lion Eugene will play a good role as the from the inside of the camp when things start flying. Eugene moves with the wind. Once he sees Negan’s forces falling, he will snap back.

    Great podcast. Start prepping for withdrawal symptoms.

  3. Mack

    TWD needs to take advantage of our hole-y interstate and film some scenes on that burned out portion of I-85. Seems like the perfect setting for some Z-pocolyptic stuff.

  4. Amani

    I’m glad Rod mentioned the midseason finale, my question last year was how did Negan know about Alexandria? They killed everybody at the outpost and Negan didn’t know they’re the ones who blew up his crew with the RPG until they took all their guns this season so somebody’s been snitching the whole time. Unless Nina’s right about Jesus being shifty, Gregory makes the most sense. Weren’t they supposed to want him dead too? There’s no reason he should still be alive especially after that satellite camp all got killed unless he gave Negan information valuable enough to stay alive.

    But since I was on the Junkyard Dogs being Saviors early I’m going to ride with that prediction just so I can say I called my shot.

  5. Dia (deeyah)

    I can’t take anymore Eugene think pieces. Lol.

    Is the reason Judith isn’t with Maggie because 1. Negan met Judith; 2. Maggie isn’t supposed to be at Hilltop because she’s “dead.”

    Judith can’t be at the Kingdom because if Negan did get in, he’s not supppsed to know that Alexandria have met the Kingdom.

    Just my two cents.

    Lastly, I am so excited for you Karen on the trip to Jamaica!

  6. Forest

    Now that you mention it, Negan is essentially the Saddam Hussein of the z-poc. He’s the apple cart holding that whole shit together. If you take him out and the next thing you know, the Saviors become ISIS. That makes me even more interested to see what the fallout will be of toppling Negan.

    • Mack

      I was thinking of that analogy, too. Ruthless dictator that keeps things at bay.

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