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BDS 200: Maserati Ric

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Ty Lawson, Stephen A Smith defends Kaep, Russell Wilson controversy, pick up basketball game app, Jordan Cameron retires, Tim Tebow’s girlfriend arrested, John Elway, HB2 repeal is weak sauce, Michael Irvin accused of rape, Amber Rose won’t date athletes, Lavar Ball, Deindre Hall gets in a fight, Adrien Broner wishes death on baby mamas, Cam Newton is part Mexican, Melo wants fans to come play, woman head coach in NBA, Noah suspended, Witten extension, transgender policy in wrestling, Quill Duncan, D Wade baby mama coming to BBWLA, Maria Sharapova will talk about doping, Pat Ewing considered for Georgetown coaching position, Kobe says front office job not for him and Ricardo Agnant.


  1. cocoqt81

    Hey, Rod and J Jenner! I hope y’all had a good week! I just wanted to tell y’all that I drive around GA for work, visiting daycare centers, so I depend on Podcasts to make the time go by. I recently decided to download some old episodes of Balls Deep from before I went premium, and I just wanted to let y’all know…y’all better keep this shit behind the pay wall because there are tens of athletes that would probably pull up on y’all if they heard the flagrant shit y’all said. I Live! Lol Anyway, the old episodes hold up great. Definitely go back and listen to them if you need a good laugh. Y’all take care!

  2. FalconsDiva

    Greetings Queen Karen, Rod and Justin!

    Great 200th episode Rod! Happy 200 to you Justin.

    So now Cam is Mexican???? I did my DNA test and I’m 2% Native American, I guess that’s what I’ll put on my next census form. I swear that mofo just keeps digging a hole for himself LOL.

    So my Hawks managed to beat a good team. Only the Hawks can win the season series against the Celtics but lose it against the lowly Nets. But that’s my team though. They’re trying to maintain the distinction of being the team in the East with the current record for consecutive playoff appearances. Just another testament to the fact that the East is trash.

    So I was at the Celtics game last night and this beautiful Black family was seated behind us. Mom, 2 kids (baby and a toddler), grandparents and 2 other grown women. The toddler was an adorable little girl. At one point the little girl yells “I DON’T LIKE THOSE WHITE PEOPLE!!!” And she’s pointing to the other end of the arena. My friends and I got really tickled as we wondered why the outburst. Of course, we tried to hide our laughter from the tot as I first wondered “what did the white people do?” My second thought was #raisedright LOL. Then the mom explained to us that she’s learning her colors and the Celtics had on white jerseys. Bless her little heart… Well at least she was rooting for the right team LOL. This is one instance where I truly enjoyed having children in my space (TBGWT Ep. 1417)

    Anyway, I hope to listen live to BDS 201. I’m usually in the streets on a Saturday but this is one day where I don’t have anything planned.. yet.

  3. Amani

    Hey Rod and Jage Steele

    Don’t tell me Balls Deep isn’t the most powerful sports podcast in the game! All Justin has to do is mention how glad he was not to see Sage Steele on Countdown and just like that ESPN gets rid of her. How long before she gets a show with Racy Trash on the unemployment network? Karen comes back picking up the banner for the light skin shade and this is the result. Let that chopper spray Queen!

    And talk your shit Rod, The ceiling is the roof! I know your dad was mad too. Make it to the title game because Oregon boxes out like a rec league team and then the refs thought folks came out to see them. But everybody has excuses, your Carolina boys got the trophy.

    P.S. The Cavs have the worst defense in the league since March. Sure would be nice to have young legs and a good defender on the perimeter out there…

    • Amani

      And blessed with Karen for two shows in a row? Gonna have to watch this one with some Larceny like the old days!

  4. Rekkapryde

    Congrats on BDS 2 hunnid fellas. This show is the main reason I keep premium. Continue to bring the fuckery.

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