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BDS 201: The Ceiling Was The Roof

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener feedback, UNC’s championship, Reggie Bush’s baby mama drama, War Machine found guilty, Tinder helping NBA players get laid, kick boxer champion accused of rape, Ian Kinsler cism, NFL to stop double up on ads, Matt Barnes, NFL celebration video, LaVar Ball pissing people off, Penn State president guilty of child endangerment, Trump didn’t throw first pitch, Whitlock saw Get Out, Dad does some public shaming of son, Austin Rivers, Steve Kerr gets 200 victories, Serena Williams showing off, Goodell will go to Pats game, Ken Burns want to do an Ali doc, Bennett Bros, Tony Romo going to CBS, Ed Hartwell baby mama drama, Michelle Kwan, UK fans threaten ref, Bengals, ND women’s hockey, Steve Francis avoids jail, No Chill Gil, Montee ball was a drunk, Tramaine Broke arrested, Charlotte could get All Star game back, Big Ben got everyone blocked, Trevone Boykin arrested, Greg Hardy, Marquis Bundy arrested over a hat, Belichick doesn’t attend Hernandez trial, Reds prospect sniffing something, Thabo settles, Pats fan snitch, Nike don’t want to pay the billion for Lonzo, Dave Bliss resigns, Tigers Woods, Westbrook ties Oscar, NBA won’t allow team announcers to vote, Amazon gets Thursday Night Football, Daryl Katz, jock itch, Aaron Rodgers gets dumped, Jamal Anderson gets his mind right, Louisville controlling transfer for student, Ray Rice not hired as HS coach, Kawhi don’t want to rest, Magic fucked up, OU pimping, Coastal Carolina cheerleaders, Lebron screamed at Tristna, Pippen hating on Phil, Kaep’s diet blamed, Jerry Jones on NFL policies, Larry Nassar, Oakley, Geno Auriemma hating on women, Le’Veon album wack and Lance Stephenson.

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  1. Amani

    Hey Rod and J. Manning

    Rod called it two years in a row. Last year he was the first to call the Warriors breaking the wins record, and now he’s right about Russ averaging a triple double and lead the league in scoring. How are people arguing this nigga isn’t the MVP? And they’re still gonna get swept in the playoffs if they make it to play Durant. The game’s the game.

    Man it’s good to be white! Tony Romo retires and gets to be the lead NFL announcer job in 15 minutes. And they were just gonna let the nigga play on the Mavs until Adam Silver shut that down. Anybody wanna guess what job Cam is gonna get when he retires? As terrible as Shaq is he spent two summers taking classes at Syracuse’s journalism school just to be on the pre-game show for TNT. Kap can’t even get a job three years after a Super Bowl, but I’ve heard people mention Peyton Manning’s name for head coaching jobs.

    And you know the way my franchise is set up Lonzo Ball is gonna go to the Knicks. Phil gonna be back on that posse shit and my head’s gonna explode as Justin’s agenda has him taking Lavar’s side on every ridiculous comment he makes. Appreciate the show as always, glad y’all big tv stars still got time for this little ol’ podcast.

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