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1423: Airplane With Bernie

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Rod and Karen discuss integrity, loyalty, LGBTQ news, lab-grown meat, McFlurry machine app, Tyrese, United Airline fall out, Delta messes up, NY free tuition has a catch, Geek Squad might be the feds, tourist bitten by cobra, public sex poll, Pepsi, old man is racist, white teachers, Obama said America was racist, That’s Ya’ll Man, White People News, woman has sex with dog, woman dies in eating contest, MIT grad terrorist and sword ratchetness.

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  1. hirojashibe

    I pretty sure if Agent Orange doesn’t start WW3 by getting into a fight with Son of I’m So Ronery. That Lab Grown Meat will be Ground Zero for Zombie Apocalypse.

  2. Amani

    Rod just explained exactly was I was Team Tony and not Team Cap. I appreciate a ride or die nigga, but if we’re really friends I’m going to value you holding me accountable more when I fuck up.

    That integrity discussion helped me wrap my head around my problem with “cancel culture” because too often you’re either a fave or you fuck up and then you’re done. And for the record, I’m not criticizing anyone for choosing where there line is, we all have one. Sometimes you need to get niggas outta the paint. At the same time it doesn’t serve anyone if we just all defend our faves when they fuck up instead of trying to make them better. If you love someone you should want them to be better, and if you trust them I assume it’s because you think THEY want to be better. I just hope people we’re riding for can get critiqued and challenged without writing them off forever for one fuck up, but that takes integrity on their part to acknowledge their responsibility and want to do better too.

    P.S. Karen’s makeup was POPPING on that Revolt panel!

  3. reallydarkknight

    Tyrese is the worst! Why is it that he’s always on some bullshit? How does drinking a coke and singing on a fucking bus make him an expert on what Black women need to do? Oh, and while I’m at it…Karen was right. He low-key had that test done so he could show people that his wife is ‘really Black.’ What man needs to prove the ethnicity of the woman HE married to anonymous people on the Internet??? A lame, that’s who!

    She could be Whitey McWhite White and probably nobody would give a fuck if he wasn’t on that bullshit.

    Dis Nigga!!!

  4. EvieE

    The real tea on the McFlurry machines is that not as many of them are as broken as you think they are. I’ve been told by several people who’ve worked at McDonalds that most of the time when they tell you the mcflurry machine is broken, all that means is they don’t feel like making it for you, especially if the manager isn’t around. I caught on to this and one time I was told that and then I asked to speak to a manager to complain that the machine is always down when I come to that particular mcdonalds. He said to me, “Oh, let me go check, the guy is working on it now.” That fool came back with the mcFlurry I ordered and said, you’re in luck, they just fixed it.”

  5. AO

    WHY so many beastiality stories this week (Kate Upton licks adoption dogs in the mouth, mailman sexes dog, white woman videos herself fucking dog)?! Seems like all the white folks are tonguing down or fucking dogs. The fact that laws have to be passed to tell people to leave the dogs alone is absolutely ridiculous! I’ve never been more offended then when in the guess the race Karen said Hood Princess could have been Black – that black people fuck dogs too. I agree w Rod that we don’t need equality on everything. We’re not taking ownership of animal intimacy in order to assimilate. White folks can have the monopoly on this. All yours!

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