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1424: Racist Babies

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Rod and Karen discuss Charlie Murphy passes, Bill O’Reilly taking a vacation, TI puts his wife in the friendzone, Tyrese explains how black his wife is, NC politician compares Lincoln to Hitler, Fast Food safety, stupid article on evolution, basketball player thinks he sees the KKK overseas, GayStarNews racism, racist babies, daycare worker pushes kid downs stairs, mailman sexes a dog, porno thief and sword ratchetness.

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  1. D Ramsey PhDone

    5 Stars as always Family! Did you and Mrs. Karen hear what Wendy Williams said about Tyrese? Check out her response on You Tube.

  2. Anne

    About the racist baby study…..I’ve heard of these studies before and I think the underlying reason they keep doing them is to find a way to excuse racism in adults. If they can find a way to prove that even babies are racist, then they can use that to defend racism in society at large as a “natural behavior”. Instead of trying to change society and challenge the false concept of race, they try to reinforce it with studies like the one you read about. The reality is that babies focus on people who look like their parents for cues on how to act. So, if the parents are racist, the babies pick up on non-verbal cues of who to like and who to hate. Even if you never say bad things about a certain type of person, children will notice how their parent react to people with those features and copy them. It is an instinct that helps survival because children rely on their parents to survive. However, it is not a sign that babies are racist.

  3. Ms. Smart

    About what you guys were saying about Ty-Ty and men in general…

    There’s a HULU show called Harlots. On the first episode of Harlots, the woman running one of the sex houses chides her daughter for not agreeing to be a full time mistress to a rich man. She said, “Men don’t respect whores. They respect property. You have to become his property.”

    Was true then and is today. And if men can’t get certain women, specifically the most desirable women, the easiest and most socially acceptable way to sooth their own tender-man-feelings is to disrespect the woman by sticking her in the whore/likely whore category. But…if a woman exists ‘under the cover of men’ (father, brother, boyfriends, husbands, etc.), other men back off…IF they have even a sliver of respect for the men/men covering the woman.

  4. Coonfucious (@Blike_Dante)

    When talking about Tyrese you guys brought something that I’ve been thinking about and many others have said: men are bigger “misandrist” than women could ever be.

    Men know men aren’t shit by how over protective we are when we have daughters, sisters, cousins, and mothers. We tell our female loved ones all these preventative measures to protect themselves from men then when these measures don’t work we often blame them or say they didn’t do enough instead of holding men accountable.

    When men say how trash men are it’s just “we know how men are” but when women say the same things, women are man haters, misandrist, feminists pejoratively, divisive, and this that and the third.

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