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1425: Blackety-Black Black

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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. bamil73

    This episode is somewhat momentous as it marks the day that Rod, for the first time ever, said something I violently disagree with. Usually Karen and Rod may say something that I may have to think about, and usually I end up being on the same side of the issue, because the tipping Morrows are nothing if not reasonable motherfuckers.

    However, (Steven A voice) on this day, Rod said something so egregious, so atrocious, so shocking and intolerably scandalous that I audibly gasped and daintily clutched my heart. While talking about the Kendrick track XXX Rod said “I usually hate U2”. You hate U2? He could have said “I don’t listen to”, or ” I’m not a big fan of” but he said “hate”. I don’t know what to say. U2 taught me that white music can entertain me too. That preachy, self absorbed and self-righteous post punk rock can co-exist in my cassette collection alongside Big Daddy Kane , Bob Marley, Public Enemy and Eric B and Rakim.

    This means that from now on whenever I describe TBGWT, I’m legally obligated to say “I may not agree with everything they say but…”.

  2. Arian F.

    As a Christian, I guess I should’ve been offended by your theatrical retelling of the story of Lot, but it was 100% accurate. If I had read the RodNotes version of Bible stories as a child, maybe I would have been more interested. Also, your abridged story reminded me of the Jesus play that Issa and her friends went to on ‘Insecure’.

  3. Mwangangi

    When you talked about K.Dot dropping part 2 in three days I thought of this gif immediately:

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