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BDS 202: Money Monique Esposito

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Monique Espisito update, Charlotte in talks to get NBA All-Star game, Dez Bryant, Oakley arraigned, Oral Roberts coach, Aja Metoyer, Simon Biles dating life, Lebron opening up a school, Khloe pressuring Tristan into marriage, KAT sets record, Durant wants to re-sign with dubs, Marshawn Lynch might be coming back, form ball player runs into KKK in Spain, Manning memorabilia scandal, Magic fire GM, Adrian Peterson not signed, Dan Rooney dies, Dirk will return, Maryland president hating on UNC, Telvin Smith, Phil Jackson extension, Steve Francis pleads guilty, Ben Simmons cleared to play, KJ Lawson, Embiid, Josh Jackson pleads not guilty, NBA attendance was a record, Adrien Broner, Melo can’t trust Phil, Von Miller sex tape and some players may not like Steph.


  1. cocoqt81

    Hey, Rod and J Celtics! I hope you guys had a good week. Did you see that bullshit the Nike exec said about Lavar Ball being the worst thing to ever happen to basketball. (Insert Nigga Please sound effect) these people are being ridiculous. He’s been adjacent to enough black people that he should know not to take Lavar so seriously. The way they are acting like anything this man says can do anything to actively change the NBA or college ball is ridiculous. He’s just talking shit. I’m disgusted with these people. They’ve gone too far. Shout out to Serena for being pregnant! I’m so happy for her! The Celtics did all that to get the 1 seed, and their asses are about to get swept by some raggedy kneed negros. Ain’t life grand? I hate the Celtics. I. Live. Have a great weekend, fellas!!

  2. DeonBmore

    What up Rod & J O’Reilly, loving the show as always.

    Quick question, is Savannah gonna make Bron drop one of his ain’t shit nigga friends with the news about Melo and his other lady? As a man that has been married for almost 14 years I know that there is a certain amount of compromise that you may have to make in regards to your friends when it comes to your spouse. They may not be able to fully appreciate your friend because of some of his tendencies/decisions.

    She probably already let Bron slide with Wade having “break babies” and shit, but now Melo talking about Lala is married but he ain’t? I’m sure she’s giving Bron hella side eye when those niggas’ names come up now. Bron better hope CP3 doesn’t have some second family or some shit out there.

    Lastly as an Atlanta resident that is not from Atlanta or a fan of the Hawks, can they please hurry up and get swept? I almost bought some tickets for the games down here this weekend, but after that pitiful display the first two games I don’t want to waste my money on a non competitive game.

    Anyway Keep up the good work


  3. Amani

    Hey Rod and Jaymelo

    My man made it through 4 Olympics and didn’t get caught slipping, all those all-star weekends coupled up with Bron and Savannah and he was good. Two years putting up with Phil’s bullshit, and the Zenmaster’s despair drives him into cheating. That old, bowlegged, lying sack of shit is probably just glad this helps Melo waive his no-trade clause. LaLa wasn’t about to leave New York, now he’s got nothing holding him here. Wouldn’t be surprised if Quasimodo Jackson planted Melo’s DNA to get him outta town.

    This nigga is still trying to convince people the three point shot isn’t valuable, and he’s running a basketball team. In 2017. No wonder Jeanne dumped your bum ass. Porzingis didn’t even want to be in the same room as him he was so disgusted. No niggas are gonna want to sign with this team. The Sonics have more playoff wins than us this century and they haven’t existed in a decade. Fuck this franchise and shove that triangle right up Phil’s ass.

    And Rod trust your first instincts, imagine how good the playoffs would be if it’s 2-1 Rockets and before Game 4, Harden gets the MVP and Russ goes off like Dream and scores 100 because he’s mad at getting shafted. We gotta wait til July now there’s nothing on the line

  4. J-Full

    Just wanted to clarify, because the point got lost, that my email was specifically talking about the rivalry dynamic in my circle of Duke and UNC friends which I stated in my email. My point was that yes it gets petty but we (meaning both sides) are happy to see our friends happy. Social media on the other hand is a totally different animal. If I can troll a Carolina fan that I don’t know personally, I’m gonna troll the fuck outta them.

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